The Apostasy In The Church Reaches A Staggering New Level

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What did people think Synodality would lead to?




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One thought on “The Apostasy In The Church Reaches A Staggering New Level

  1. @11: 30 ff ” . . including the cost in souls”. Satan would
    love that !

    The reality of Eternity seems to have evaporated long ago,
    THAT having been replaced undetected by “VIRTUAL”
    reality [ NOT virtuous ], a direct product of the world wide

    Thus, we live, we die, we go spiralling off into cyberspace . .
    which is ALSO infinite [ so it seems, at least seen through
    high-tech telescopes ], and does not have nasty meteors,
    called “Hells”, floating directly into our orbit. Instead,
    cyberspace trips of the departed will to be “Heaven”
    enough, with plenty of “pronouns” ‘n funny humanoid
    deceased neighbours floating by in these borderless

    Thinking back from my computer chair here, and speaking
    generally, all previous generations stayed WITHIN the
    Catholic Church because they knew and lived the Faith,
    taking their cue from Faithful Shepherds, and teachers,
    their preaching and example.

    But when their Ordinaries fell for a heresy —the most notable
    being the Arians of the 3rd-4th centuries, countered by
    St.Athanasius at the cost of his repeated exiles, and the
    Luther/ Calvin/ Zwingli protestant revolt —so did the
    [ majority ] of people, following their over-seeing
    heretical barons, lords, and “horsey” Bishops.

    Yet —regarding the Protestant Revolt —St.Francis de Sales
    [ Switzerland/ France ] and St.Peter Canisius [ pretty well ALL
    of Germany ] won back fallen-away Catholics, primarily
    KINDNESS and COURTESY to all, i.e.,preaching the Truth
    with Love.

    However, current “SIN O’DALITY” —leaderless, bed’lam
    [ from the London Insane-asylum named “Bethlahem” ]
    born of culpable silence and ambiguous mumblings —is
    “a horse of a different colour”.

    “Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse [ Jorge’s ]
    Open sleigh.”


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