4 thoughts on “Vatican Sends Bizarre & Vapid Message To The ‘People of God’: Convert!

  1. This completely redefines every Catholic term into nonsense. That is, it’s true to all VatiScam II documents.

  2. { all emphases mine ]

    “People of God”? . . double-talk? . . Frankie the
    ventriloquist? Ape-talk? Jesuistry? When your
    photographer catches you with a straight, “sincere”
    face, “the beautiful, and enriching we have lived”
    might come across with that dummy’s strident
    tone of “voice”, depending on whether, or not, we
    TRUST Francis.

    @2:53 ff “As Pope Francis requested“ . . wait a
    minute! . . who’s talkin’ here? Who wrote this
    summarizing page? Francis himself ??

    This business of “Process” brings to mind one
    class in Metaphysics. Our Prof was talking about
    the current social, cultural REALITY of process
    “out there”. Decisions were no longer simple.
    Decisions now were a SERIES OF STEPS, a
    process. That was the back
    ground, the context, in which our Proff then
    proceeded to speak about God . . AS PROCESS.

    That was way back in 1968.

    @12:47 because MOTHERS HAVE TO LISTEN
    to their NON-scripted little kids; Prairie Grandpa
    has been observing it for the past eight years.
    Their Mom will not be ABLE to teach, ORDER,
    and guide them without constantly listening,
    which Mom does EVEN during night time
    while SLEEP [ seems! ] to free her of that
    natural “instinct” of listening.

    But YOUR questions, Anthony, are legit. Back
    to metaphysics days: the same Prof who
    suggested contemplating God now AS PROCESS,
    in another class suddenly “shouted from [ HIS ]
    rooftop” that “GOD IS A ROCK, thrown into
    your life . . and WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO
    ABOUT IT ?? [ only three options possible: kick
    against It; run from It; build on It, i.e., on Christ,
    on Peter-the-Rock ].

    But now, Pope Francis, “ain’t building on no
    Rock, I reckon . . looks like”.

  3. Most Loved Anthony,

    The “stumbling block” , as you have pointed out succinctly, is Christ Himself.
    He as Rabi, teacher , Who insists upon conversion , “go and sin no more”. Who did he address ? The INDIVIDUAL .

    The Church, The Body of Christ , calls each one of us to DAILY CONVERSION. It is dynamic, alive , and transformative . It is The Imitation of Christ ( Kempis ) . It is sanctification and purification in keeping with a supernatural INDIVIDUAL relationship with The Holy Trinity and The Blessed Mother .

    The Church , in a “macro” dimension is the sum total of all conversions . The Church IS the deposit of faith and morals. It teaches The Word and oral tradition . It teaches “micro” conversions of each individual as might align any soul with Its Head , Our Lord Jesus Christ .

    Yes. We must listen to Him . He meant what He said and says what He means . It is said 23% of the Godpel message speaks to a casting out and deliverance from demons . Each individual is responsible to identify and discern those demons which tempt them and then reject them ( repentance ). The macro is responsible to teach the “how to “ (prayer and fasting ).

    All that to say, those with a calling , equal to anyone , are CALLED to conversion. Those in pastoral ministry are not called to convert the other to their error or their vices !!! In other words, “clericalism “ is NOT to deny your
    uniform and “put on new clothes” . TRUE clericalism is to wear one’s collar and identify oneself as “militant”, a guide to others, pointing to Christ , as might allow Him and His Holy Spirit to inspire TRUE CONVERSION.

    Blessed, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )

    1. Dr. Scott, yours is a stirling summation of the Faith
      and I’ve “copy-and-pasted” it to my Lighthouse
      Quotes for safe-keeping and return visits.

      MANY “Thanks!”, and “Ora Pro Invicem”, a
      standard “Ad Dieu/ Ciao/ goodbye” w-a-y back
      in letter-writing days.

      It means: “Let us [continue] to pray for each
      other in turn”.

      Prairie Grandpa


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