Francis Hands Out Diabolic Instructions For Remaking The Church

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Once upon a time the Pact of the Catacombs was secret. A few years ago the Vatican admitted it was real. Now they’re handing it out as instructions for the Synod of Sin.




Click to access Catacomb%20Pact%20-%20English.pdf

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4 thoughts on “Francis Hands Out Diabolic Instructions For Remaking The Church

  1. Dear Synod Catholics:
    ● Be sure to pick up your Bible Manifesto (Marx & Engles Version) before you leave.
    ● When possible wear (Soviet) Red coloured clothing and wave Red flags because this is the colour of the “New Holy Spirit”!
    ● Join in singing our new church anthem:
    “The Internationale”. This has been adopted as the anthem of various anarchist, communist, socialist, democratic socialist, and social democratic movements and has been a standard of the socialist movement since the late nineteenth century and now is embraced by the Vatican Synod.
    ● Stand together and report to the Vatican all Conservatives, Bourgeois Capitalists and Traditionalists….especially those who attend Latin Masses and homeschool their kids!

  2. Most Loved Anthony,

    I share a talk given by Father Ripperger.
    It was delivered upwards of two years ago ? Yet, in this present moment , in consideration of the Catacomb document which you present , his insights ( knowledge) is 100 %.

    Modernists = Liberation Theology , Communism , Marxism , Deep State ,
    as guided by diabolical spirits .

    His talk is “perfect” for this present moment , Jesus , we Trust In You !!

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )

    1. Thanks very much, Scott, for referencing Fr. Ripperger.

      After wrassling with adblockers ‘n stuff, he finally
      showed up . . on Youtube, under the ENGLISH title:
      “Fr. Chad Ripperger on the State of Evil in the World”
      -40 minutes or so.

      What would help in future references: provide the
      ENGLISH title given under the YouTube video. That
      way, one could go directly to YouTube, type in the
      ENGLISH title, and proceed with viewing.

      Thanks again!

      Prairie Gramps

  3. [ all emphases mine ]

    Thanks again for thoroughly “dissecting”, Anthony!

    For Prairie Grandpa here this has become all
    so complex and fast-moving, that said Grandpa
    is beginning to yearn for the mystery and “gaps”
    of silence [ far more conducive for reflection &
    contemplation ! ] between Papal [ Vatican ]
    announcements and declarations, and to
    AVOID the MAELSTROM of “INFO” spawned
    by the INSTANT communication brought on by
    the internet, the digital continent.

    Suffice it to say, that my family continues to
    1/ pray for Pope Francis —like, “Hope against
    hope”! —morning and evening. 2/ invoke 24/7
    the Holy Family [ “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,
    save souls !” ] 3/ visit the Catechism of the
    Catholic Church, AND of Trent. 4/ keep abreast
    of CATHOLIC social commentary [ Papal Posse
    with clear Canon Law and Church Teaching
    coming through Fr. Gerald Murray. 5/ also stay
    abreast of CIVIL goings-on in both USA and
    Canada. 6/ find relief, humanity, humour, and
    artistic excellence AND the former ordinariness
    of COMMON SENSE in old-time and classic
    movies. 7/ NEVER be without, or stop listening
    to, beautiful, happy, uplifting MUSIC . . a key
    true source of real JOY this side of Eternity!
    8/ Be faithful to, life, and benefit from the
    Sacramental Life of the Catholic Church.

    Life Fr. Murr says in a recent interview with
    Joe McClane [ podcast ACT, “A Catholic Take” ? ]
    the mess and abuses preceeding the Council
    of Trent were identified and dealt with by
    that very Council. Today’s “Mess” and confusion
    will similarily be dealt with [ Providentially ].


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