Francis Double Crosses The Modernists While Pardoning A Predator Priest

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A livestream and a video today showing the confusing two faces of Francis.

Predator Priest:




LiveStream: Double Crossing The Modernists



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3 thoughts on “Francis Double Crosses The Modernists While Pardoning A Predator Priest

  1. Standard Bergoglian maneuver. For the first time, the claim he isn’t pope has gained greater traction, and this meaningless gesture will appease the Novus Otto conservatives & mainstream trads . Meanwhile, his actual design for permanently dismantling hierarchical teaching offices is advancing, and he gets feminists more firmly ensconced in the daily power of running dioceses and parishes, rendering the few priests & bishops trying to maintain order more helpless. He has that vile Stalinist cunning that disarms opponents & helps him achieve his consolidation of control through destruction of the office he putatively holds.

  2. The reason behind Francis’s seemingly double cross is quite obvious. Nothing to do with respectful obeying Christ’s teachings. That’s just a coincidence. He hates women to the core just like Satan does. Every genuine Catholic woman strives to imitate our Blessed Mother.
    Homosexuals, abortionists, nun rapists, child rapists and the like are all attacking Our Blessed Mother and her immaculate heart.
    Satan and his followers have forked tongues. A tiny bit of truth to cover up their lies.

  3. Response to Francis’ double-cross:

    [ All emphases mine ]

    What does Prairie Gramps think? . . as our
    Brit friends of yesteryear used to react to
    bad news: “Bloody awful !”

    But, as veteran EXORCIST, Fr. Chad Ripperger,
    unveiled in his observations on REALLY serious
    sin, IF IT WEREN’T FOR the Grace of God, ANY
    “Joe and Jane on the street” —OR in a normal
    home —might end up committing the most heinous
    crime, formerly UNimaginable to him or her.

    . . summed up best by EWTN’s Fr. Pacwa, SJ,
    [ 2012 ? ]: “The legacy of atheist rulers is mountains of
    corpses” . One need only “fill in the biographical
    blanks” with one’s imagination. War-time, and even
    peace-time, atrocies easily come to mine for
    cradle Catholic Prairie Granpa [ 1944 ].

    So, with Frankie and Rupnik —AND “the Slovenian
    Diocese of Koper” —what are global villagers looking
    at, a first in Church History ?

    They seem to “take the cake” . . a thoroughly MOULDY


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