Unbelievable Attack On The Faith In California

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Nothing quite illustrates the contempt American culture has for Catholicism like employers hiring a fake priest to coerce confessions out of illegal immigrant employees.









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3 thoughts on “Unbelievable Attack On The Faith In California

  1. While anti-Catholicism has been part of the fabric of
    America since its founding, it’s unfortunate that these
    badly-behaved folks don’t make themselves feel
    BETTER by getting a REAL job.

    1. Ex-priest, namely Fr. James Corapi keeps his dated and past internet postings on YouTube. How’s he allowed to poise as an active priest and still dupes new followers?

      1. You mean Fr.JOHN Corapi ?? I haven’t followed his
        moves. Last I heard he quietly came back to the
        S.O.L.T . . ( re-converted ??). But Fr. JAMES Corapi . .
        never heard of a Fr. JAMES Corapi.

        Anyway, Jas, good question; which I’m not
        savvy to answer, NOR is it my business. Curiosity
        isn’t a Christian virtue. You’ll have to be your own
        investigator on that one.

        Meanwhile, just you and I MAKE SURE we remain
        Faithful to our Baptism and to living the Sacramental
        Life which we are SO fortunate to be given by the
        Church . . AND to pray daily for Fr. James/ John

        Have a Good day,

        Prairie Grandpa Bob


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