Monstrous Heretic Bishop Stika Resigns

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Too bad it didn’t happen sooner.




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3 thoughts on “Monstrous Heretic Bishop Stika Resigns

    1. Post script: Something needs to be added to
      my “bald” depiction of Bishop Stika. I found
      ind Servant of God, Catherine Doherty, her

      “In Canada [ she survived the Bolshevik
      Revolution in 1917, being from a well-to-do
      family ] I discovered that the Church was the
      People of God. It took me a long time to
      understand that the People of God was the
      Mystical Body of Christ, and that Christ was
      the head of this body. Why didn’t I understand?
      Because of sin, the terrible sins of THE
      PEOPLE OF GOD. I was torn by a contra-
      diction: this sinless Bride of Christ was also
      the sinful bride of Christ ! How could that
      be? (Again) it took me a long time to understand
      a very simple thing —that Jesus came to
      reconcile us SINNERS with His Father. As
      Dostoevsky wrote: ‘He loved man IN HIS

      And further: “The sin of one member of the
      Church was the sin of all, that is, if I sin,
      If I sin, I affect the whole Church.”
      —Fragments of My Life, ch. 17 “The Church
      And I”

      An obvious observation arises: Francis aims
      to Christ and His Church one better, namely,
      accompany the sinner AND “OK” his/ her
      sin, which translates into moral syncretism.

      The hoped-for fruit of the just-begun Synod
      i.e. “Synodality” for the lonely, the lost, the
      confused, and the marginalized might just
      run out of band-aids in the attempt to cover
      and heal surface wounds which, in reality,
      are deep Original Sin defacements.

      1. Corrections: “I FOUND IT IN . . “; “BOURGEOIS family”;
        “Francis aims to DO Christ and His Church . . ”
        ” TO accompany . . “


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