4 thoughts on “The Texas Nuns Story Takes A Turn For The Worse

  1. In case you doubt the relationship between Catholic Charities and the transportation of “unaccompanied minors” flooding in through the U.S. borders, this is a quote from their website, “Catholic Charities’ Unaccompanied Refugee Minors Program (URMP) assists immigrant youth with refugee status who enter the United States without a parent/guardian. These children may be refugees, asylees, entrants, or victims of human trafficking.”

    In fact, in 2022, Republican House of Representatives members accused Catholic Charities USA of breaking the law in its border response, saying that its humanitarian responses to the U.S. border crisis were potentially criminal acts.

    This is web of evil, designed by those who’ve given themselves over to evil, in order to ensnared the Carmelite nuns and their Monastery of the Most Holy Trinity, purely for the sake of using their sacred property for illicit means. The courts have gone along with this evil as they are part of the cabal owned by the enemies of Christ. But they will NOT win. Their master’s time is short and they know this and therefore, pursue their evil plans with a vengeance.

  2. With access to the nun’s computers and cell phones, it is EXTREMELY easy to replicate anyone’s voice to forge an audio recording which appears to have them saying whatever you want.

    This was a quote from the original news report on this story:

    “While the Diocese has since returned the items it took from the monastery (ipad, cell phones, computers), the monastery’s lawsuit states that the Diocese made a mirror forensic image of the devices, keeping the information on them and refusing to return that information.”

    A.I. software now exists that is relatively cheap and is easily accessible to create an almost perfect replication of anyone’s voice along with accent, speech pattern (like “photoshop” but for audio voice recordings). Perhaps THIS is why the bishop and his henchmen showed up unannounced to the monastery after Sr. Gerlach’s return from surgery, still suffering the effects of powerful anesthesia, and the bishop chose to conduct his interview of the Mother Superior “behind closed doors” with no one else present. According to those who supposedly heard this alleged “recording”, Sr. Gerlach’s voice is “barely audible”…..how convenient.

    One of the men involved intimately with the bishop in this coup (the man who produced the now infamous photographs of the “drug paraphernalia” and now identified only as “an informant”), was earlier identified as “Diocesan spokesman Pat Svacina”. Mr Svacina’s LinkedIn page identifies him as “owner at PAS Communications” an Arlington PR firm. Perhaps it is only coincidence that Mr. Svacina just so happens to be a board member of Catholic Charities Ft. Worth, an NGO involved in the transport of unaccompanied minors over the U.S. southern boarder. As the monastery is private and gated, it offers a perfect cover for the placement of those coming across the border illegally, in addition to the perfect “drop-off” point for the unaccompanied minors. Perhaps this offers an explanation as to WHY it has become SO very important to remove its current occupants and confiscate this property as quickly as possible.

    It is no coincidence that the cannon lawyer initially APPOINTED BY THE BISHOP to represent the nuns according to their lawyer’s letter to the bishop:

    “Michael Podhajsky is the canon lawyer handpicked by you after your rejection of four Church canonical representatives of her choice to represent her canonical rights as a Catholic.”

    and who supposedly gave the bishop consent to take certain action that were adversarial to the nuns, was a cannon lawyer whose Linkedin page identifies his office in Colorado (coincidentally where Sr. Gerlach was later accused of obtaining the “medical marijuana”}

    This is a travesty by ravaging wolves in sheep’s clothing. It is literally a cabal of the enemies of Christ and His Blessed Mother. I would suggest an immediate exorcism of this entire property ASAP!

  3. The issue of whether the prioress was guilty of sin and demoted or ousted is not the main source of my criticism. Bishop Olsen commented on this publicly long before there was any need to do so, then after the issue blew up retreated and said he would not comment on a private issue. If he did, in fact, restrict the nuns access to the sacraments, including Mass, on site then I think HE should be appropriately disciplined. If his “assessment team” also improperly seized or examined data from computers or cell phones, they should also be properly disciplined for that. Not sure this local ordinary is worthy of any sort of “apology” unless he is completely exonerated of all of the above.

  4. Perhaps the word “holy” and “holiness” ought to be
    deleted from Catholic religious vocational language.

    The synod on “synodality” surely will come up with
    a word, or concept, which USED to apply to a
    Catholic’s Baptismal MANDATE to STRIVE FOR
    HOLINESS [ which CAN’T be done without the Mass (of
    Apostolic times) and the Sacramental Life ], but no
    longer comes close to its ORIGINAL MEANING &
    INTENT, having been ousted by the cancellation
    of the reality and Dogma on Sin [ original & actual ]
    . . which ESSENTIAL teaching can now be found
    in an extinct language from another Galaxy.


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