The Vatican Is Unveiling The New Religion

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If you haven’t seen the art for the coming Jubilee year that was designed by a James-Martin-esque masseuse, you’re in for something not terribly surprising.




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5 thoughts on “The Vatican Is Unveiling The New Religion

  1. Insidious doctrine of demons. Before the appearance of Antichrist, there will come the apostasy-it will very likely take the form of a schism but this cancer will metastasize and bring forth, at the height of iniquity, the Son of Perdition.

    1. Thanks, Charles, for again reminding us of that SURE warning. St.Joseph, terror of Demons, pray of us now
      AND when it happens! St.Michael, pray for us. St.Bruno, patron of the possessed, pray for us and for the Church.

  2. The reason homosexuality has historically been suppressed is because once it takes root, it very quickly metastasizes to the point where it consumes the entire institution.

  3. St. Peter, the first pope, who went out under the command of God, to preach the Gospel to all and to baptize in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. In addition he stated that if, when you enter a house and you are not welcome, pick up your knapsack, put on your sandals and walk out. What is so difficult to understand? Those of us who continue to believe the Francis is going to change course, repent and convert are sadly mistaken and following the Rainbow people and their New Age of Aquarius satanic cult. Yes, the New Age of Aquarius is upon us and I believe it is going to once again rear its ugly head very soon. I cannot speak for anyone else but myself but I will not be following their road that leads to perdition. The Holy Spirit has said in the Scriptures that the Father sent His prophets and they were killed, then He sent His Son and they tortured and murdered Him as a common criminal. So now He is sending a deceiving spirit whom we will listen to. The operative words here are: Deceiving Spirit. I pray this short prayer everyday: Lord please do not allow me to be deceived. It’s that bad out there because the church and the world are now ONE.

  4. We’re looking at the ongoing, “full steam ahead” replacing of Christ and His Church with a false christ and a false church.

    As in the world “out there”, but in your face and on your screen —Dutch farmers; Canadian/ American truckers etc. —its the government of the (Church) ELITE ruling . . or, rather, OVER-ruling . . or, rather, imposing and dictating to ordinary working people and Faithful Laity. No Eucharist. No Real Presence. No Real Christ. No Real (Mystical Body of) Christ. No Faith.

    Want to know what REAL Catholic looks like? Sorry, I’m starting to sound ad nauseam, but go to Bishop Athanasius
    Schneider’s recent (2021) publication (Sophia Press): The Catholic Mass: Steps To Restore The Centrality Of God
    In The Liturgy. Transl. Diane Montagna. Those who have been living from Novus Ordo theology, Mass, and practise
    may have to be deprogrammed first. I’m exaggerating: seniors’ memories (mine, for example) aren’t that extinct. But those of “millenials” and of the more-recently-born are . . fresh. Guided by the HOLY Spirit, these “Babes” are being
    led to “clear, running waters”. Stats clearly say that discoveries of “the Mass of the Ages” are hugely BY YOUNG PEOPLE !

    What aspects of the Catholic Mass does Bishop Athanasius cover ( . . and IN DEPTH ! . . in 13 chapters)? The
    Mass IS: Prayer; Adoration; Ritual; Sacrifice: Splendour; Sacred Action; Thanksgiving; Listening; the Church’s
    Life; Salvation’s Source; Sacred Service; the Wedding Feast . . concluding with The Centrality of God. If you
    have Kindle, a copy is yours (in seconds!) for only $12.

    Park the car (truck, train, bus, plane). Hang up the keys (at HOME). Go to your favourite corner . . Lay-Z boy, and
    go on “retreat” with Bishop Schneider’s book. Because if we do not know WHAT the Catholic Mass is, well . .
    jump back into the creek and join the other polyglotwogs.


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