Courageous Priest Refuses To Be Silenced By Rome For Opposing Francis’ Errors

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Fr Jesus Mary M is an Opus Dei priest canceled for speaking the truth.




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4 thoughts on “Courageous Priest Refuses To Be Silenced By Rome For Opposing Francis’ Errors

  1. Anthony;
    Respectfully, what anyone “thinks” about Fr Missigbeto’s letters to Bergoglio is really irrelevant. All that matters is what the Church has taught for 2,000 years prior to Bergoglio. In that regards, I heard nothing from Fr Missigbeto that was contrary to the traditional doctrines of the Church. In contrast, we all know that many of Bergoglio’s decisions, actions, and unlawful proclamations are clearly contrary to the Church’s teaching as well as contrary to God’s Word.

    Having said that, we all are aware that nothing anyone says or does will prevent the heresies and apostasies from continuing since Bergoglio and many of his followers seems to have sold their souls to satan, may God forgive them, if they repent. Our task is to remain faithful to God’s word and to his Church, knowing that the Sacred Heart of Jesus has already triumphed over satan, Sin, & Death through his passion and death on the Cross.

    I would add, after watching the entire Rescued series by ACTS XXIX, that God did not take the form of man just to die as a slave, but to totally conquer Sin & Death as Paul and many others said. He has set us free! Amen, Amen, Amen.

    Ave Maria.

  2. July is the month of the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. What could be more of a clarion call by the Holy Spirit to invite us ALL to adoration of the Body/Blood of Christ on the Cross of our salvation by attending perpetual adoration during this month . Both the Church and the world have become one through the many decades of destruction by the implementation of V2 modernism, heresy and now apostasy and lawlessness. We have almost reached the apex of the enemy’s malice; the only thing missing is the revelation of the AC which, if we are paying attention, is fast approaching. This faithful priest and all faithful priests must reach out to us who are waiting for their leadership. Their and our salvation is at stake. Too many have fallen away because they know and will no longer play the game of appeasement, lies and covering over of the Truth. Find a true traditional church w/faithful priests. Join their Masses and devotions if you can; support them and do not return to the “ape” false church as Archbishop Fulton called it in his talks. Pray for good priests to be ordained. We just had one who said his first high Mass the Sunday before this past Sunday. What a blessing!

  3. @ 13:00 min. ff ” . . dismiss out of hand today”, because habituated in UNholiness, being SEPARATED FROM the
    Eucharist, as a “catholic” way of life.

    And Francis? . . this African Priest’s pushback is SO clear and thorough with HARD EVIDENCE ( . . you, Anthony, complete the list) that all forgoing podcasts “unpacking” this anti-Pope’s injustices, errors, CONTRA-Deposit of Faith pronouncements, show him up for the wicked, fiendish sneak that he is!

    WHAT this astute, observant, holy, even scholarly Fr. Jesus-Mary lays bare in his letter ALSO CONSTITUTES
    —at least for my own life-long tracking of Communist events—the essence of Atheist Diabolical Marxism. Karl Marx would indeed applaud such a made-in-Hell track record.

    And it sure fits the PROJECTION of events recorded by The Marian Movement Of Priests in 1989: #406g, “The Beast Like A Lamb”:

    ” . . . the task of ECCLESIASTICAL Freemasonry is to destroy Christ and His Church, to replace it with an idol, a
    false christ and a false church”.

    1. POSTSCRIPT: all forgoing events seem to beg the question, “Will Pope Francis be saved ?” Well . . there IS
      —and it will remain until Time is no more —the Divine Mercy itself, instituted by St.John Paul II and initiated
      and recorded by St.Faustina in her Diary: Divine Mercy In My Soul. The conditions for claiming Christ’s Merciful
      Love are clearly stated in the Diary. It’s really quite simple: complete confidence in the Divine Mercy, to be
      declared by the individual’s “VESSEL OF TRUST”. Fr.John Corapi, S.O.L.T. , years ago taught —from visiting
      prisons —that even in the worst criminal can be found a spark of goodness. One would think, “Has Pope Francis still that spark of goodness deep down?”

      I’m loath to quote the man’s own words: “Who am I to judge?” . . although that question then (9-10
      years ago) challenged THE CHURCH’S JUDGEMENT ON SERIOUS SIN. Was it really sin at all.

      The Divine Mercy offer stands as a sure support and encouragement for “last chance”, final repentance.


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