The Wisdom Of Demons Was Invoked In The Australian Synod

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Ah yes, “ancient male and female spirits”.




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3 thoughts on “The Wisdom Of Demons Was Invoked In The Australian Synod

  1. For the record there is no such title as “Pope Emeritus”; it doesn’t exist in this context. It was Benedict himself who said there is only ONE POPE, NOT TWO. In addition it was the head if the St. Galen Lavender Mafia, a title that the leader of the group ordained himself. That leader was the late Cardinal Gottfried Daneels, a sodomite. In addition Benedict was threatened by this man and also by the Masonic Cardinal Carlos Maria Martini. The back story is horrific and should be revealed for all the faithful. In Chapter 2, verses 3- 9 of 2nd Thessalonians St. Paul says, “Remember you not, that when I was yet with you, I told you these things? And now you know what WITHHOLDETH, that he may be revealed in his time. FOR THE MYSTERY OF INIQUITY ALREADY WORKETH; ONLY THAT HE WHO NOW HOLDETH, DO HOLD, UNTIL HE BE TAKEN OUT OF THE WAY.” The only way that the evil one can come is that the apostasy comes first and then the one and only true pope IS TAKEN OUT OF THE WAY.

    1. Thanks for the clarification, reminder, . . and advance notice (warning). We continue to pray.

  2. Just as a Bishop has genuine Episcopal Authority over HIS OWN FLOCK ( . . a Conference, national or otherwise, does not. Neither does a Synod), in a similar manner the individual Lay man and woman has personal, conscience-based, authority over his and her OWN Soul. The Salvation —which always remains THE perennial up-front issue —brought to us by Christ’s Sacrifice and His Church (through the Sacraments) applies to the individual believer and penitent. Not to the group (except in the extreme case of war, where the immediate threat of death in a battle zone is real).

    We are saved singly, out of respect for our individual free will and not out of human respect for ANOTHER’S track record of smiling and hugging ( . . each of which are ALSO important for the good of Family and Society).

    The Divine Mercy, instituted by St.John Paul II through St. Faustina, appeals to the INDIVIDUAL’s “vessel of trust”. One doesn’t trust by proxy, although the Divine Mercy Chaplet ( . . and individual aspirations) very much draws in BOTH ” . . us and the whole world”.

    But Pope Francis ” & team” appeal to the group, and not even to its conscience . . because said appeal is founded on no acknowledgement of REAL SIN, personal Faith in Jesus having been seriously eroded and even abandoned.Belonging —demonstrated by smiles and hugs —is everything. But we don’t need Francis to tell us that; our very Baptism is already inclusive, including not only health and friendship, smiles and hugs, pain and sorrow, but also NEVER IGNORING our hour-by-hour penchant for “back sliding” into selfishness. “So long as we have a self, we can be selfish” (G.K.Chesterton) . . which, by the way, makes me think that the whole transgender/ preposition/ alphabet soup ideology is Satan’s blatant
    agenda for destroying the individual’s whole personality, very much as it has been a standard tactic of Marxist Atheism to FIRST wipe out/ cancel that Nation’s HISTORY which they are next aiming to take over and rule
    ( . . through standard steps of social chaos, violence, and seizing power by taking over the Government (Demoncrats!) and the Military.

    Christ, the Head, AND the members (the Mystical Body of Christ) have been artificially and falsely “frozen” out by Francis’ “sidewalk humanism” . . “Hail fellow well met”. His false christ and a false church, uninvited gatecrashers, have insinuated themselves into the “rigid” (i.e.foundational)
    Deposit of the Faith. But no “Gates of Hell” will ever bar the Deposit from crashing them there Gates, and assigning the Demons and their Boss to be chained in the infernal Pit.




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