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Is Henry VIII the pope now?




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3 thoughts on “The Vatican Is LOOTING CONVENTS AND SEMINARIES For Profit

  1. Upon seeing this headline my instant re-action was: “This is Henry VII all
    over again !!” Rigidity? Yeah right, Francis. What’s “rigid” are the purse-string
    boy, lookin’ for more loot. Avaricious wolves dressed in woollies. Lamb chops
    are a lot tastier with the sounds of howlin’ winds out side the back door.

    Funny, through all this hi-class pillaging, the Saints in question —little & big
    Teresa (of Lisieux & Avila) shine all the brighter “from the Firmament of
    Heaven”. Oh what paralyzing terrors will seize these soft-padded purple
    puppies when THAT Light is shone on them!

    For ten years I corresponded with a Cloistered Dominican Nun who’s community
    Charism is 24/7 Eucharistic Adoration. Fluent in Italian, and translator, she wrote
    her Doctoral Thesis on St. Catherine of Siena (d. 1380), namely: that St. Catherine
    was a fore-runner in the Church’s Cult of Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
    . . which Jesus Himself launched with his servant St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
    three hundred years “further down the road”, beginning October of 1673.

    My request to the Cloistered Nun —to be our son’s Spiritual God Mother —was
    met with: “No problem!” I had panicked having suddenly seen how impossible
    it would by for my wife and I to raise this infant Catholic in a secular culture. I had also
    written long complaint to our local Bishop, who, in turn, replied: (St. Paul teaches,
    “Where evil abounds, My Grace abounds MORE.”

    Poor ignorant me! I was chagrined. Amazingly, looking at the “fall out” over the years,
    our two boys had moved west, met and married western girls. The first grand-child
    —AND interrogation by our Italian friends in Ontario —got us to move, “lock, stock,
    and barrel” out west. Our “spiritual God-son” boy had moved west [ relatives and
    very good job opportunities ], met and married a Western girl . . an in-yer-face
    passionate northern Alberta girl, passionate Catholic CONVERT, home-schools
    their [for now] three children, the most welcoming, LEARNING-THIRSTY Mom who
    stuffy ‘ol “educated” Gramps (me) has ever crashed into!

    Meanwhile, our son has never been without work —mostly from home .. covid etc ..
    but part of the week down town in the office, (constantly up-grading his oil/gas
    Safety/Auditing diploma).

    Their Catholic Faith is front-and-centre, with a love of books, stories, and reading
    (appropriate kids films, videos, music), walks in the sunny, or brisk outdoors,
    swimming, Suzuki piano lessons, visiting to “Northern” Grandma and Grandpa
    and cousins, patio summer bar-b-qs, and an Ordinairiate Parish with three Priests,
    a full Choir (three organists), First Friday Adoration, Benediction & Mass,
    as standard fare.

    The LONG-RANGE power of prayer! Ma-ma Mia !! Be careful of what you ask
    for in prayer; you might get it! . . we did. NEVER a dull moment!

  2. Archbishop Charles Chaput is not what he appears to be. A stunning example of his duplicity can be found in the case of Fr. Samuel Waters who Chaput, the “hammer” pounded relentlessly on Fr. Waters, the “nail”, for years to remove him from re-entering the clergy. If it weren’t for the help of a high ranking prelate of the CDC at the time, Fr. Waters would not be a TRADTIONAL PRIEST today.


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