Bishop Warns & Preconciliar Teaching On The AntiChrist: Saturday Update

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The Reign of Antichrist by Fr R Gerald Culleton

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3 thoughts on “Bishop Warns & Preconciliar Teaching On The AntiChrist: Saturday Update

  1. This is in response to your “Saturday Special”, Anthony.

    At @4:16 my souls BLURTS OUT: “Nothing here is the fruit of listenint
    to our Eucharistic Lord ( . . Saviour, in case we tend to gloss over that
    little character trait of His), listening for HIS ‘Take’ on all these swirling

    None of it !!

    So once again my soul shouts back: “Gwan! . . you blustering bsers.”

    Ya kin do enathin ya want, so long as that 75mph “process” Lamborghini
    speeds along. At that speed ya d’not hafta stop ‘n go BACK to what
    ya SHOULD’ve bin d’cidin’ t’INCLUDE as a permanint teachin’ tool . .
    the “rigid” DE(E)Posit of the Faith

    “I have dropped out of the synodal process”, says the good Bishop.
    My soul jumped for Joy! Kudos to Bishop Robert Mutsaerts! The
    straigh-shootin’, “barn-burning” Catholic Truth-teller of be-gone
    years is back. My own parents were so fortunate to have been
    Catechized under WW II anti-Nazi stalwart, Cardinal Dejong
    of Utrecht. The town dates back to Roman times, evangelized
    by St. Willibrord of Northumbria, England, in the 8th Century.
    Fellow missionary from Northumbria, St. Boniface, evangelized
    all of what today is Germany. Paid for it with his life. So now
    again we have Bishop Eik (means “Oak”) in charge of the See
    of Utrecht, who too Frankie will NEVER get to talk “synodaleze”.

    Tooting my own (recovered) Dutch Catholic horn, from Holstein
    Cow country ( . . er, uh, the Alberta Hutterite farm), near Beiseker,
    which prairie town chose as its mascot a CUTE baby skunk.

  2. This bishop is one we desperately need; he is a voice crying in the desert of apostasy, blasphemy, disobedience, apathy and anti-Catholicism. Yes, the anti-Christ is waiting in the wings w/the message that he is the chosen one but he will never disclose that he is the chosen of Satan who will bring his message of death to a people who have itching ears to listen to his lies because they have abandoned themselves to a life of material atheism and the abandonment of the Cross. It’s the Cross of Christ that is our salvation and not the message of eternal damnation that the synodal way provides through its gospel of man as God. Of course it’s the way of eternal damnation but one that a fallen counterfeit church has been preaching for a very long time. Woe to us if we listen and engage in this evil synod.

    1. Once again, A.T. (“A”, are you another Anthony?) so very well and completely
      said. And it all washes over the strangely euphoric Bergoglian followers as it
      they were celebrating a perpetual pizza party.


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