Theologian Demands To Know if The American Bishops Are Apostates

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I mean, its kind of obvious in many cases….




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2 thoughts on “Theologian Demands To Know if The American Bishops Are Apostates

  1. Bishops have long ago become apostates. As Fr. Malachi Martin said of V2: “God has withdrawn His grace.” It is more than obvious that he was correct. That doesn’t mean God will abandon the faithful. It means that those who remain in the counterfeit church must leave if they want to go to heaven. My observation of this malady among the bishops, the clergy and the hierarchy is that their own will is what has become unified in the CHANGING/REPLACING OF THE TRUE FAITH W/AN ENTIRELY ALIEN FAITH WHICH IS NOT FOUNDED ON THE TEACHINGS OF CHRIST/THE GOSPEL BUT ON THEIR ADDICTION TO WORLDLY ATHEISIM, AND THE IDEA THAT MAN IS THE MEASURE OF ALL THINGS, NOT CHRIST. So I would conclude that the Novus Ordo counterfeit church has become a heretical church that shows none of the faith that Jesus and His apostles lived and died for. It is also obvious that the “synod of synodality” is the way they plan to lead us into a place no faithful Catholic would ever want to go. This is a great deception of which nothing good or holy will emerge.

  2. Your list(s) of “what’s missing?”: so well-summed-up Anthony. Marxists
    and Christ-less Globalists and their “daddy” Satan will ALWAYS want
    to scour our real & living memories. Kind of useless, that, I would say:
    The Queen of Heaven IS the Living, Holy, and complete Memory of
    her Son, Christ, and His Mystical Body, the Church. How can Deep
    Fake “church” survive that? . . EVEN WHEN their end goal is to replace
    Christ and His Church [ I’ll never tire of repeating this ] by a false christ
    and a false church, i.e. the FOREVER & ORIGINAL Christ to be “like
    the snows of yesteryear that will not return”, and the FOREVER &
    ORIGINAL Mystical Body (we the Faithful Members) to BE the

    What other key issues should they (UCCB) be discussing . . or rather,
    LIVING !l “The time for discussing is long past” [ see entries from
    To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons/ Marian Movement of Priests
    . . entries from WAY BACK during the 1980s! ]

    ANSWER: their OWN daily conversion . . let them SHOW [ not
    another “Talk Show” but . . ] that they themselves are nourishing
    their SPIRITUAL LIVE: regular Confession & Holy Communion . .
    AND Eucharistic Adoration outside of Mass times. They are already
    DOING THAT ?? How come the Media doen’t breathe a word about it ?

    Endless —yet MORE —discussions are a dead give-away, MORE
    “dead letters” before they “hit the floor” . . to be trampled on!


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