The Vatican Is BURNING Benedict’s Papers?!

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One thought on “The Vatican Is BURNING Benedict’s Papers?!

  1. Well here we are, in 2023, with just ‘The Bishop of Rome’ holding the reins (it appears) of the One True Apostolic Church, established by Our Lord Himself, before he accepted the sinfulness of every man, woman and child, ever created (apart from Our Lady of course), and was sacrificed on the wood of The Cross for our salvation and redemption.
    And then today the only Australian Cardinal, George Pell, joins our late Pope Benedict, in the next world that will be for eternity!
    I wonder whether the deaths of our late Pope and Cardinal Pell are relevant as we expect to see more of the corrupt Vatican bureaucracy sheet blame for anything and everything the world sees wrong with our beloved church onto Benedict XVI and his supporters, one of whom, I believe, was Cardinal Pell!
    Clearly I am a cynic and being from the era in which each of those 3 (The Bishop of Rome, Cardinal Pell and the Pope (Benedict XVI)) entered that Church – I noted something else that I believe is significant.
    Watching the reports of Cardinal Pell’s death on Australian news channels today there was a clip of Cardinal Pell meeting The Bishop of Rome.
    I noted, in that clip, Cardinal Pell bending to kiss his ring and that bishop (of Rome) violently pulling his hand away, to prevent that show of humility!
    Violence, not to mention lack of appreciation for virtues, such as that, is certainly not a trait of Our Lord, is it?
    Last year I twice had the privilege of serving a TLM with one of the contemporary apostles of Our Lord, an Australian bishop. And yes I am nearly as old as Cardinal Pell!!!!
    The first time I served Mass for that bishop I knelt before him and kissed his ring. His response – “God bless you ….”.
    The bishop of Rome showed no such respect to Cardinal Pell when he followed church protocol clearly designed to encourage the virtue of humility.
    Oh, if only that Australian bishop was made our next Cardinal!
    Nothing is impossible to God and so we, down under, can but hope and pray!
    The Immaculate Heart of Mary’s triumphant era must be close, we pray!

    Viva Cristo Rey.


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