Did The Vatican LIE About Benedict’s Final Wishes?

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Signs point to probably so.





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4 thoughts on “Did The Vatican LIE About Benedict’s Final Wishes?

  1. Remember the Third Secret of Fatima? How it correlates with Apocalypse 13, namely the rise of the antichrist and false prophet? How it talk of the devil’s final battle and talked about an apostasy from the top? Suppose that the false prophet could fool most people into thinking that he is the pope and not the other guy in white…

  2. For me personally I will always see Pope Benedict Xvi as a true follower of the Gospel of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who went willingly to the Cross to save us from our sins. For me the highest praise is that Benedict did what for me is and always will be the pinnacle of Christ’s self giving because He did not come to live but to die for us. Christ defeated Satan by dying for us on His Cross and Benedict, out of love for Christ and for us, did the same. That is why Bergogolgio and his followers hate him and want to destroy his legacy by destroying Christ’s Church

    1. A(nthony . . sorry, I always see Anthony [of Padua] when it
      precedes Terranova/ “New Earth”), what TRUE and IM-
      MEASURABLE honour you give Pope Benedict XVI,
      surely a Father of the Church as well !

      “The task of Ecclesiastical Freemasonry is to destroy Christ
      and His Church, to replace it with an idol, a false christ and
      a false church” —#406g, To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved
      Sons,1989; The Marian Movement of Priests ( 1972 – 1997 ).

      This battle between Good and Evil, “between Church and
      Anti-Church, between Christ and Anti-Christ” (St. John Paul II)
      has surely never before brought out into such glaring contrast
      as with the (Holy) passing of Pope Benedict XVI and the
      continuing shenanigans of the repulsive revolutionaries still
      subjugating the Vatican and Faithful Catholics.

  3. Bing Crosby’s “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” has been on
    my automobile playlist for over a year now. And I keep re-
    visiting his rich voice and the timeless message of that
    carol: “God REST ye merry GENTLEMEN, let NOTHING
    you DISMAY (!)” Fiddling (with Benedict XVI’s legacy)
    while “Rome burns” ( his stuff ) will do NOTHING to change
    that Benedict’s LIVING legacy. Only hide it for a while . .

    We Faithful, dumb sheep KNOW real grass from “astro turf”
    . . all the more so when the former has been overlaid by
    the latter.

    Benedict’s accounts —focussing on what Matthew and Luke
    say about Jesus’ infancy at the beginning of the Gospels —
    re “not a third volume, but a kind of small ‘antechamber’ to
    the two earlier volumes on the figure and message of Jesus
    of Nazareth” (The Forward to said “small ‘antechamber'”).

    Once the reader proceeds into these Gospel accounts, ain’t
    nothing Vaticanistas can do to obscure/ to discover/ to
    worship/ to be forever-anchored-to the Christ Child [ AND
    His family ] as un-veiled by Benedict’s scholarly studies . .
    AND as proven endlessly throughout “the Ages” by the
    Evangelization OF ALL EUROPE AND BEYOND by the
    Church’s Missionaries and Saints.

    Bing’s sonorously rich rendition, of that everlasting Christmas
    Carol, highlights ALL THE MORE the “reason for the Season”:
    ” . . to save us from Satan’s Power, WHEN WE WERE
    GONE ASTRAY. . oh. tidings of COMFORT AND JOY . . “.

    No reason why THAT “Comfort and Joy” can’t burn all the
    more INTENSELY in beleaguered yet Faithful hearts, even while
    Bergoglio’s Boys continue to act out THEIR LOSS OF THE FAITH
    as annually found in the SIMPLE and CHILDLIKE expressions
    of Christmas Carols.


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