Weekend Update: News Items and Such

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Saturday: Cardinal Sarah on the Evils of our Age



Sunday: Vigano’s SPICY Epiphany Sermon On Christ Defeating The NWO





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One thought on “Weekend Update: News Items and Such

  1. @5:07 f. ” . . it calls for the faithe of the individual, of
    the Faith of each one of us.” @7:40 f. ” . . the little Jesus.”

    London Blitz survivor and English mystic CARYLL
    HOUSELANDER’S meditation on: The Passion of The
    Infant Jesus (1949, reprinted 2017/ Critical Edition, ed.
    by Kerry Walters, of Eugene OR/ Gettysburg College) is
    a timely in-depth (10 chapters) source for contemplating
    that Little Child.

    “What a delight to have Caryll Houselander’s tender and
    thought-provoking meditation (The Passion of the Infant
    Christ) once again available to readers. Her singular vision
    of the ongoing ‘Christing of the World’ is explored here through
    the profound mystery that the divine pattern of the universe
    is DISCOVERED IN LITTLE THINGS —in the daily care of
    a child or a childhood sense of wonder —and IN that each
    of us a Bethlehem must be readied for this revelation.”
     —Wendy M Wright, Pro. Emeritus of Theology,
    Creighton University.


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