Francis Appoints The Creepiest Bishop To Key Post In Rome

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Archbishop Victor Manuel “Heal Me With Your Mouth” Fernandez is now in charge of investigating sex abuse and defending the integrity of the faith. What could go wrong?




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2 thoughts on “Francis Appoints The Creepiest Bishop To Key Post In Rome

  1. But doesn’t this fit “hand-in-glove” with Bergogio’s first
    “encyclical”, Amoris Laetitia ? [ “amoris”>of love, affection,
    fondness, adoration. “laetitia”>gladness, joy, delight, mirth ].

    It doesn’t need to stretch the imagination TOO much to
    come up with the INTENDED fall-out of “The Art of Kissing”!

    Satan, the astute Poker Player, only shows his “winning” hand
    at just the right moment.

    Being a cradle-Catholic —WW II vintage, and STILL practising
    his Baptismal Faith and living the Sacramental Life —ah ain’t
    no kissin’ cousin of this ecclesiastical sleaze, nor ever wuz !

    Let’s clean the toxic stink surfacing from this cesspool by
    listening to . . at least five times ! . . a hymn from Russian
    Sacred Music :

    CD title>Hymns of Great Lent & Holy Week/ Classic 2011/
    #2 “Get Rid of the Existing Shortcomings of our Fatherly Estate”
    [ The Custom of the Holy Trinity St. Sergy Lavra: The Week
    About the Prodigal Son . . . Tone VIII, Kiev Chant ]
    IGOR USHAKOV & Men’s Choir of the Valaam Singing Culture
    Institute> Hymns of Great Lent and Holy Week .


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