The Synod Issues This Phase’s Final Document (& The Truth About Angels w/Fr John Hardon, SJ)

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The Synod reconvenes in October 2024 to discuss homosexuality for some reason.




Fr John Hardon, SJ, On The Angels



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2 thoughts on “The Synod Issues This Phase’s Final Document (& The Truth About Angels w/Fr John Hardon, SJ)

  1. I barely bother with these things, because this is all blasphemously contrary to the Catholic religion. For 30 years after entering what I thought was the Church, I tried to square the presence of heretics in the”Church”, priests and prelates supposedly in communion with the True Church, with the One, Holy Catholic Apostolic AND Roman Church. This monstrosity of the past 60 years is the Roman Episcopal Church, a pseudo-church occupying the formerly Catholic offices but not at all Catholic.

  2. Most Loved Anthony ,

    Your “breakdown” is 💯. Father John Hardon passed decades ago, BUT his insights into our Angels is alive in our present moment . Father Hardon, my opinion , is a Saint . Which brings us to the document you “dissected ” . YES , it is “secular”!!! If Kamala Harris were at the “ambo” it would be the greatest “word salad” ever presented .

    It has been told to me, if you can’t say it in three sentences, “don’t try to say it “ .

    All that to say, you have a “Synod” of three weeks, over 1000 amendments placed for consideration , and a document of ambiguities which “sounds” pretty !!! The “normal” person will never understand what is presented, because it IS CONFUSION. The angels of the dark side are at work as Father Hardon admonishes a recognition ( there is no ability to fight the enemy unless you define the enemy ).

    So we enter the next 12 month cycle .
    PRAY the Rosary , LEPANTO , Jesus has won the victory. Our charge is to follow and TRUST IN HIM .

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )


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