Cardinal Warns: The Synod Is Secretly Trying To Change The Faith

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The Synod won’t do it itself, but it will create the mechanisms to allow it to happen in the future.




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6 thoughts on “Cardinal Warns: The Synod Is Secretly Trying To Change The Faith

  1. Alternately:

    And he said: Hear ye therefore, O [Synod of Synodality]: Is it a small thing for you to be grievous to men, that you are grievous to my God also?

  2. A biblically illiterate would say we all cannot rebuke a pope, “pope”, or antipope or any of these are incapable of doing evil. They have free will. We have duty. What was Our Lord telling us when He called the Rock “Satan.”

  3. All emphases mine

    Very briefly: @5:00 “. . USING the worst-catechized
    generation in the history of the Church . . “ Therefore,
    this whole Process comes from OUTSIDE or
    alongside, the Foundational Authority of Peter, of
    Christ Himself, Who DOESN’T MANIPULATE anyone,
    least of all ignorant incompetents i.e. “BEGINNERS”.

    Martxism at its refined best, here.

    Anthony, is there any chance of you doing a
    podcast on Bishop Schneider’s recently published
    Compendium of the Catholic Faith —CREDO ? . .
    No Modernist disclaimers. No fancy “add-ons”
    and “take-aways”.

    Just straight-on Baltimore-style questions WITH

    Satan has, indeed, brought out his BIG “guns” —
    “Ape”-run Vatican Power brokers —to bear on
    the destruction of Christ and His Church, “ building
    an idol, a false christ and a false church.”

    @14:00 ff. “ . . JUST the revolution of changing Doctrine
    . . hyper Papalization and democratization of the Church”.


    1. The faithful have been cunningly driven to the same reductionist view of the papacy , as an office onlyinfallible in solemn declarations, in order to “recognize and resist” Bergoglio. Hyperpapalization is not the problem, but the neglect of theological understanding of the ordinary magisterium, which is infallible & does not require infallible definitions in its contents, although it includes it. This reductionist view of the papacy was & remains the heretical lens by which the Modernists have always advanced their agenda. “Well, the encyclicals are only ordinary and not infallible definitions”: rather than recognize the worthlessness of the Argentinian apostate’s claim to papal office, the R&Rers take the bait, leaving them helpless to combat in the future if a faithful pope should manage to achieve the office.


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