The Story Francis Desperately Wants To Go Away

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The story of Fr Rupnik is one every Catholic needs to know.




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4 thoughts on “The Story Francis Desperately Wants To Go Away

  1. From the perspective of a reformed protestant, interested in catholic theology, may I make a sideline remark? There’s a paradox here. The way pope Francis is critized on this website is – according to the roman catholic position itself – not at all catholic. Yes, you may speak the truth, but only in dubia, when a pope violates sacred doctrine. However, criticism towards his actions, motives, agenda, spirituality, politics, personal convictions etc, where there’s no explicit violation of dogma (as is continously done on this website) is simply a sin. In Catholic theology, your pope is the Vicar of Christ and you owe him allegiance.
    However, if you take the postion that (a) Pope Benedict only resigned the ministry and retained the office of pope, and (b) no two persons can hold the office of pope in the Catholic church, then Francis is a private person and all the criticism on the website suddenly becomes sacred duty, rather than what it is when now as you call Francis ‘pope’: a sin. This seems to me perfectly logical from a catholic perspective.

    1. (to continue) . . “However, . . . his actions, motives, agenda,
      spirituality, politics, personal convictions etc, ” have been such
      as to be-smudge the beauty, clarity, and immutability of Dogma
      as found in the Sacred Deposit of Faith. Francis has demoted
       —virtually cancelled —the Deposit repeatedly as “rigid”. But
      you are correct, Mr. Chan, in holding to OUR allegiance to
      the Vicar of Christ. For myself, St.Catherine of Siena is THE
      apostle of the Pope as VICAR of Christ, “the Sweet Christ”,
      even though Francis has disavowed himself as “Vicar”.
      Sorry Francis, but you ARE it, like it or not. St. Catherine,
      during her ecstasies, was definitely instructed by Heaven
      that all owe the Vicar of Christ our allegiance, “EVEN IF
      HE WERE A DEVIL INCARNATE”. (see The Dialogue)

  2. During the anti-Vietnam/ Hippie decade the term “Peacenik” was
    coined. Permit me to coin Fr. Rupnik’s name into Fr. RUPTUREnik,
    king of all moral cesspools !! That “little” change is all the more
    apt after having watched —and totally enjoyed —our annual
    Christmas classic, “The Bells of St.Mary’s”, where kids were kids,
    and Nuns were Nuns, and Pastors were pastors, and Businessmen
    were businessmen, and tradesmen were tradesmen.


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