Finally, Some Good News (For Once), Just In Time For Christmas

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Christmas is practically here. Thanks to everyone who’s supported the channel either directly or through consistent listening, its appreciated.




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4 thoughts on “Finally, Some Good News (For Once), Just In Time For Christmas

  1. Anthony, is it any wonder why men enjoyed tales like The Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars. Why, as a former athlete, having a courageous coach to rally round is truly wired into our DNA as attractive? We all want a cause to live for and if required, die for. The circumstances surrounding our present time, I believe, is a build up for men to choose; Either for the easy, effeminate way of sex, drugs and power or for the truly self giving love of the kingdom of Jesus Christ. As for me, I choose Christ. And please, God give us the grace to stay the course, fight the good fight and celebrate the victory with Christ, who died to allow us into the eternal, heavenly banquet!

  2. I’d really like you to focus on the new one world religion called Chrislam because Francis is one of the key players in it along w/other notable political figures and participants i.e. the UN.

  3. Niceness v.s Truth?

    Replace donuts, “bottomless” coffees, and mouth-watering meals
    washed down with sugar-larded drinks ( .. including alcohol) . .
    replace that with plenty of plain cabbage, carrots, celery, unbuttered
    bread-of-choice and niceness will surely achieve the unglazing of
    our eyesight, hearing, and feelings.

    THEN ask the question: “How do you FEEL about this (that and
    the other) issue or “celebrity” ?

    I do not “FEEL” about ANY person, policy, and issue. Unbridled,
    passionate “feeling” without first being governed by moral principles
    is worse than useless. The Sacraments and the Catechism were
    my “bridle, bit, and reins”. After 77 years of following “Hints”—with
    ample doses of “wooden head, wooden, shoes, and wouldn’t listen”
    thrown in —I KNOW what and whom NOW to follow. “Struggle”?
    No. Too Marxist. Too self-coddling. “To strive, to strive, to strive,
    to strive (that’s right FOUR TIMES!)”  —St. Teresa of Jesus
    (Avila) . . for MY King, for OUR King . . our BABY KING in two

    Anything else has merely the strength of straw, which oxen
    and donkeys snack on through the day.

  4. Unfortunately the bad news is we can’t read the article unless we subscribe to the WSJ. 😂😂.
    Meantime, the second article denouncing the feminization of “the church” refers to Protestant denominations, but should surely include the Catholic Church. Funnily the solution the thread points to – the correction of the concept of the relationship betweenGod and his people -not boyfriend/girlfriend, but Father/son, points undoubtedly to a conversion to Traditional Catholicism, where all the elements of a true masculine Church and priesthood are found. The Crusaders were NOT evangelicals or Lutherans.


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