Francis Used Fr Frank Pavone To Distract You From This Story

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The story of Bishop Knestout is getting buried.




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One thought on “Francis Used Fr Frank Pavone To Distract You From This Story

  1. “Rome wants women in the priesthood . . but (@5:40 ff ) not
    going to happen any time soon . . and I’m hoping that they
    stick to their guns on this . . ”

    BUT, since ” . . we know that the Holy Father is unpredictable
    TO THE LAST . . (ibid)” should, or CAN, we trust him on
    holding the line against women’s ordinations ?

    Bergoglio remains the “Dictator Pope” he’s always been.
    Dictators will never cave in to rival would-be “dictators”.
    That’s us, thirsting instead for free and fair DEBATE on
    any issue first. But not one of the power-brokers in the Vatican
    Nation-State, nor of any other Nation State having Roman
    Catholic legal identity there, will ever best —persuade or
    convince —Francis in final decisions on any issue.

    St. Catherine of Siena, apostle of the Vicar of Christ on
    earth, of “the Sweet Christ”, would never allow me to
    call Jorge Bergoglio a “sleeze”, “even he were the Devil
    incarnate, since only God can JUDGE him.

    Consequently, with a MODERNIST UNDERSTANDING
    OF MORALITY holding sway of a majority in the Hierarchy
    in sync with Francis —the vast majority of Bishops were
    in sync with Arius [Christ is not Divine] for over 200 yrs,
    with St. Athanasius the only “FLY” in their ointment—
    “resist and disobey” becomes the TRUE OBEDIENCE
    TO THE Sacred Deposit of the Faith against Francis’s
    IDOL, a fake christ and a fake church.

    But Pope Francis does stick to (non rigid?) Church rules
    when he beatifies and canonizes the latest Blesseds
    and Saints. Well and good!

    In that case, the indomitable Cardinal Joseph Zen, and
    the Truth-sayers Cardinal Müller, Bishop Schneider,
    Archbishop Viganó, Cardinal Sarah, Leo Cardinal
    Burke, Bishop Mutsaerts, Bishop Strikland, Fr. James
    Altman (to name only the visible) might very well be
    the Blesseds and Canonized of tomorrow, bringing
    about in their wake the ETERNAL Salvation of
    Pope Francis . . and so many more.


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