The Modernists Are Using Satanic Statues In Churches To Push Their False Gospel

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You really can’t make this stuff up.




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6 thoughts on “The Modernists Are Using Satanic Statues In Churches To Push Their False Gospel

  1. “The folds of the soul, exhibition by Daniele Basso S Sanctuary of Oropa” . . more SELF-serving, narcissistic,
    sophistry . . completely empty of Wisdom, humanity, and certainly not a scrap of the Sacred! . . factoring in
    the whole of Europe [ Oropa ] for phony effect. “Contemporary [and totally confused and confusing ] are
    enters into dialogue with the solemnity of the monumental complex of the Sanctuary of Oropa . . ” Yeah, sure!
    In what dialect is the “dialogue”, huh?! I would challenge any visitor of the “exhibition” [exhibitionism?] to tie
    into the “dialogue” and summarize what was said and its purpose. There’ll be as many different, differing, and
    conflicting responses are there will be visitors . . if it isn’t a huge scam from the “get go”.

  2. Please put up the link to the horrible “twisted Christ” . Not only is the banal evil, whatever is Evil is of course insidiously banal (to rephrase Hannah Arendt). — Worse, Icarus has ALWAYS been a symbol of HUBRIS, not of ASPIRATION. It’s just the same as putting up the Tower of Babel as an image of fraternity, which IS the Bergoglian and neo-Jesuit blasphemy.

    1. Thanks for your input; am glad you’re familiar with ancient history, names of the players and their “task”.
      In scrolling down all the tweets etc. provided —re. synods and synodality —the phrase “listening
      PROCESS” stopped me cold. What’s happened to simple, personal LISTENING? . . as in real praying.
      But “process” [and “progressive”] is ALWAYS not-so-mysterious undisguised name for Marxist Atheism.
      Process means interminable ANALYSIS, quintessentially a BRAIN TRIP, nothing to do with real
      listening. Only more talk-talk-squawk, share-share-shear. ANYTHING but placing oneself in silence
      before the Eucharistic Christ F I R S T ! Ain’t no wisdom to be gotten ANYwhere else, nor from ANYone
      else. No sir!

  3. Unless we haven’t been paying attention these past nine years, Francis is part of the NWO/OWR. Yes, he is an agent of Satan and has repeatedly demonstrated his hatred of the Catholic faith and its Holy Magisterium which is where we find the total deposit of the faith. This latest display of his venom and the disgusting manifestation of a statue of a demon on the grounds of a Basilica in Italy, is the evidence of his malice. So, when do the prelates of the Church come out publicly to accuse him of being a heretic and to deem him as having excommunicated himself from the true faith. I’m waiting for that to happen and pray that those of us who have been patiently waiting will receive JUSTICE IN THEIR FORMAL DENUNCIATION OF THE MAN.

    1. I have a hunch, A.T., that your —and our —waiting could last well past the “40 minutes after the
      Devil knows we’ve died” (and gone, God willing, to Heaven or its “Pit Stop” Purgatory. No one, still on
      earth, can imagine the SUFFERINGS of the Souls in Purgatory, but only “conclude” to it given that
      God’s Justice DEMANDS that Suffering. Anyway, our waiting might become a relentless loyalty (to the
      Deposit of the Faith . . to the Truth, the Way, the Life), even heroic.

  4. Let’s look at MEANINGS implied : ” . . courage and aspirations to fly” . . yeah, right! “Angels can fly”, says Chesterton, “because they can take themselves lightly”. Wonderfully positive. Humility with a Smile. In a more secular vein, “When we’re surrounded by turkeys, it’s difficult to fly like an eagle.” Thinly-disguised Pride? . . something a
    penitent would never utter. The interior life of grace lives from humility. It’s strength is the Joy of the LORD.

    My point? Why this puffed-up yet threadbare, uninspired, space-wasting bogeyman in front of ( . . and OUTSIDE of !) the Sanctuary where the Real source of Wisdom ( . . and Salvation!) resides . . 24/7 ?!! Twenty per cent of baptized
    Catholics —parents, children, singles —believe in the Real Presence today. That means eighty per cent are running
    around re-acting to their OWN reactions and feelings. Where are Priests promoting Eucharistic Adoration by
    initiating it and living it? . . extending the infinite Power and Sanctification of each Mass, OUTSIDE of Mass times?
    Synodal talk is nothing but that: talk. Discuss. Discuss. Discuss. Share. Share. Share. Share WHAT?? . . more
    feelings?? . . WITHOUT time spent before the Eucharistic Jesus (i.e. in Sacred S I L E N C E ) ?? Yeah, right! . . and
    lead the Church together? Ain’t gonna happen! Christ remains Head of Body. When MEMBERS of that Body start
    acting like the HEAD we’ve got a false christ and a false church.

    The Eucharistic Christ, who has conquered “death with Death”, who is Merciful Love itself, perfect Love, fully Human, fully Divine . . CASTES OUT fear . . all of it, of whatever kind, scope, and “scariness”.

    “Oh Sacrament most Holy! Oh Sacrament Divine! . . ALL praise and ALL thanksgiving be every moment T H I N E !”


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