6 thoughts on “We Were Warned: The Lost Message Of Fatima

  1. I am Fatima’s Peter the Roman of St Malachy’s Prophecy, aka The French Monarch, please review my page fatima911.Wordpress.com as to get an foundation of understanding for the 5th and final Marian Dogma. This 5th and final Marian dogma is the reason for the 5 first Saturday devotion and not 4

    1. I would contact your nearest (Religious) Carmelite Community and ask the person in charge of
      Brown Scapular Enrolments; am sure that situation has come up more than once in the past.

  2. Most thorough introduction ever, Anthony! . . at least for this retired Grandpa.
    . . Bishop Schneider on “obedience”; Sr. Lucy on the WHOLE message of
    Fatima (through yourself & Fr.Rafferty).

    Although I still recall Ven. Fr. Patrick Peyton and his Rosary Crusade (like
    it was yesterday!) during my boyhood in the ’50s, now that I’m “older and wiser”
    —and SLOWER, with nowhere else to “go” (side-track) to —this podcast
    really brings together ALL “components” of what Our Lady wants, and wanted
    from the beginning (1917).

    I’ll be looking —consciously, this time —to be registered in the Brown Scapular
    in two days, on her feast day (Saturday), by our Pastor.

    The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary I’ve had for decades . . mostly
    on the shelf, among a small fine collection of other “classics” !

    This podcast, Anthony, is “the critical edition”, shall we say. Thanks for sharing
    your Treasures. Indeed, let us “Pray for the Church; Ave Maria”. What better
    way than living the FULL Fatima message.

    If I may respond to Pamela’s question, ” when my former priest instructed me
    to say the FULL BREVIARY instead” —apologies to this Priest, but —his is
    an obvious (to myself, anyway) TEMPTATION, virtually CANCELLING Our
    Lady and her Office, by OVER burdening a devotee of the Brown Scapular
    with a task NOT required by Our Lady herself through her messenger Sr. Lucy.
    The full breviary IS a requirement for this Priest, but NOT for the Laity! Is this
    Priest envious that the Laity has a lighter task (Our Lady’s Office)? Or is he
    (imprudently) keen on making Jennifer a SUPER HEROIC devotee of the
    Brown Scaputar? Or perhaps he’s innocently (but naively) offering an
    “improved” version of the devotion?

    Being faithful to these (now fully revealed) basics are challenge enough!

    Not so subtle, is it!

  3. Question: I had been praying the Little Office for several years when my former priest instructed me to say the full Breviary instead. Is this acceptable under the rules, should I go back or should I be doing both? Any clues where to get the official answer?

    1. If Our Lady instructed us to pray the Little Office as part of the promise, we should never try to exceed the explicit Heavenly voice for the conjecture of a zealous priest.


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