Vigano: The Minions Of Satan In The Church & The World Will Be Defeated

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Vigano was very busy in the past week, releasing several letters far too spicy for YouTube. I have them synthesized for one message here.




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3 thoughts on “Vigano: The Minions Of Satan In The Church & The World Will Be Defeated

  1. Oh Lord…the sham Nuremberg trials where the imprisoned and tortured German officers were forced to “confess” their war crimes of killing millions while fighting a war on two fronts and we are supposed to take word of the communist Russians as proof of German “war crimes”. The trials were mostly put on by the Jewish (seems completely fair right? The Jews of Germany and Europe had declared war on Germany back in 1933. Go look at the headlines in New York newspapers. They sold Germany out in WW1 for the chance to get a homeland in Palestine, which they got. THIS is the reason there was German resentment towards them, it had little to do with how they prayed or what they believed. This judge you refer to above also was admittedly new and had no idea what he was doing and probably Jewish as well. The world will never heal unless we move past the lies the media has been feeding us since its inception before the Wars. Christianity lost big time in WW2. We HELPED COMMUNISM WIN. Delano Roosevelt called Stalin Uncle Joe fondly and unironically. Stalin…who imprisoned and killed exponentially more people, mostly Christians, than Germany ever dreamed of. Its no coincidence that Vatican II happened after the war, because the church had been weakened and subverted finally during that ghastly horrific war for money, dominance, and evil.

    1. Leigha, you need to dig up some more OBJECTIVE sources to back up your highly emotional feelings 1/ AGAINST the “sham Nurenberg Trials” (sham??) and 2/ FOR your “imprisoned and tortured German officers (who) were FORCED to ‘confess’ . . “ 
      Forced ??. SUBJECTIVE feelings for the Fatherland and its citizens is not a source for backing up actual events. Your inflamed outburst is merely fuel to feed your own “fire”. It is not a legitimate “source” for backing up factual events and persons.
      But, what DID happen to thousands of German soldiers after the Nazi surrender? From my reading, and from an ex-Communist acquaintance, thousands of German soldiers after the War, who were caught on Russian soil, were co-opted by Stalin’s Regime as (slave) labour for Soviet domestic projects. They were never re-patriated. Furthermore, according to our Slovakian ex-Communist friend, many German soldiers, POWs under Eisenhower’s command, were (deliberately) starved. These (Soviet and Allied) war crimes were not the “sentences” meted out by the Nuremberg Trials. Nor were Stalin and Eisenhower ever indicted for them!
      As for : “This judge YOU [ Anthony Stine? Cornersnedges?] refer to above also was admittedly new and had no idea what he was doing and probably Jewish as well”, this Judge DID know what he was doing. And, yes, he was also Jewish. He also earned FIVE MEDALS in the battles leading up to the surrender of the Nazis. His name is (still alive at 102 years!) Benjamin Ferencz. Listen to his own account:; of Youtube – “I am the last surviving Prosecutor of the Nurenberg Trials”). And please take note of BOTH Judge Ferencz’ qualifications as a Lawyer (educated at Harvard, where he earned his Law degree), AND the piles of starved, dead bodies being bulldozed out of the way in the Dachau camp. All on camera at the time of discovery.
      This —both the camps, and the ovens designed to burn the evidence — were the work of your beloved “ . . imprisoned and tortured German officers”, individually and collectively.
      Newspapers are OPINION sources, not necessarily factual or historical.
      Your reason for German hatred for the Jews doesn’t hold water. WHICH Jews? The wealthy bankers? ( . . that’s probably correct. They bank-rolled Lenin and his Bolshevik Revolution). ALL Jewish families, mothers, fathers, children ?? (NEVER ! ! ! Hitler was totally demonic on that score.) Some background re “Demonic”: PROFESSOR ROY SHOEMAN, of MIT—various Youtube amounts on him; especially: Youtube – Roy Schoeman: Jewish Convert – The Journey Home (01-10-2005)—recounts how Hitler, in “the early years”, frequented Satanist centres which were rife in Berlin. Furthermore, homosexuality was also rife among the early Nazis (SA). When confronting his Dad with that, Mr. Shoeman replied (mater-of-factly), “Oh everyone knew that.”
      Maximillian Kolbe, a gifted and holy son of St. Francis, traded his own life for the life of a father of a family, who was condemned in Auschwitz, with nine others, to a starvation bunker. Fr. Kolbe prepared his fellow condemned with Confession, prayers, and hymns. He was still alive after two weeks, which “forced” the Commandant to inject him with poison . . to make room for the next “batch” of condemned. Kolbe’s heroic love of Christ’s Mother and of Neighbour brought him to this remarkable “Finale”. He even prophesied: “The smoke of my cremated body will be sent through those tall smoke stacks to the ends of the earth.” . . meaning, Sacrificial Love is the ONLY fruitful response to these kinds of Evils.

  2. A recent statement by [ Brian Peckford ] former premier of Newfoundland and last living co-author of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms [ my family came to Canada in 1951 ] tells us, that “Canadian democracy is in ‘grave danger’ of being canceled forever.”

    The movie, “Judgment At Nuremberg”, concludes with Nazi Germany’s top Judge, after having viewed videos of the Dachau, who said, in a state of shock: “I never (imagined) it would come to this”. The Chief prosecuting Judge of those trials countered with ( last line of the movie), “It came to that the first time you condemned a man to death whom you knew was innocent.”

    From the last living prosecuting Judge at those Nuremberg trials, Benjamin Ferencz . . 101 yrs old, chosen by Gen. Patton “to set up a war-crimes branch”, formally charged, indicted, and found guilty 22 special squad Nazis (colonels and generals of the SS, one with TWO Phds.) of the “ . . calculated murder of over a million innocent men, women and children . . that was my first case . . I’d never been in a court room in my life . . I rested my case in two days . . I convicted all of them . . I asked the court to affirm, by International Law, the right of ALL PEOPLE to live in Peace and Human Dignity regardless of Race or Creed. And, uh, I got that from the Judges. What’s perhaps more important is to prevent that from happening again. And I’ve been working on that for the rest of my life . . very difficult to do . . ( bottom line?) . . Law, not War . . I will tell you how to do it: three principles 1/ Never give up. 2/ Never give up. 3/ Never give up!” (Youtube: I Am The Last Surviving Prosecutor of the Nuremberg Trials)
    So, in today’s Podcast, Anthony, you have brought us a similar situation, with a NOT-so-subtle , person-cancelling, world de-populating enemy, Globalist in scope and Evil to the core. You have brought together the Archbishop’s key letters and their clear “Light at the end of this seemingly endless Covid tunnel” of the doomed. Whereas it is the Globalist Christ-rejecting criminals, the myriad little dictators who will be doomed . . and damned? I always hold out the Divine Mercy, even for the worst of worst. Maybe Christ can see the tiny spark of goodness in ‘em which we with our cloyed hearts and “judgement-clogged” minds can’t.

    With the fall of Roe v. Wade, it is Marxist groups who are financing the and directing the pro-abortion violence. They’re not about to roll over and die, or even play “dead”.

    Best we end with Bishop Athanasius Schneider: “If there is anything on earth that be its very nature must show THE CENTRALITY OF GOD, it is the Holy Mass. Cardinal Ratzinger recalled this truth . . ‘If the Liturgy appears first of all as the workshop for our activity, then what is essential is being forgotten: God. For the Liturgy is not about us, but about God. Forgetting about God is the most imminent danger of our age. As against this, the Liturgy should be setting up a sign of God’s presence. Yet what happens if the habit of forgetting about God makes itself at home in the Liturgy itself and if in the Liturgy we are thinking only of ourselves? . . . . ‘“ ( The Catholic Mass: Steps to Restore the Centrality of God in the Liturgy by Athansius Schneider with Aurelio Porfiri/ 2021/ tansl. By Diane Motagna)
    “ . . Yet what [ DOES ] happen if . . ?” well . . further unimaginable variations and fallout of atheistic rule and would-be rulers, whose legacy still is and has ALWAYS been “mountains of bodies”! (Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, 2018, EWTN)
    But hasn’t this been said far more simply way back in Fatima, 1917? “Unless (people) return back to God . . etc. there will be a war worse than the first.”

    While more intense battles still face us, Archbishop Viganò more-than-hints that these Losers have had their day, and can never keep their “Gates of Hell” shut against Christ the King, “the Way, the Truth, and the Life”


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