The Modernists Are Trying To Change The Rules Of The Next Conclave

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Francis is still alive but they’re scrambling to get the next pope chosen already.




In 2009 Ignatius Press released Father Joseph Ratzinger’s speech “What Will the Church Look Like in 2000” in full, in a book entitled Faith and the Future.


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One thought on “The Modernists Are Trying To Change The Rules Of The Next Conclave

  1. Anthony, my immediate “re-action”: “. . overriding St.John Paul II’s clear and unambiguous directives? . . clearly
    a secular politicization of the Church’s Conclave. The HOLY Spirit has been turfed.” Was the conclave which chose
    Pius XII “tinkered with”? What kind of, and WHO’S “Holy Spirit” are we dealing with anymore? There is already
    a consensus among the FAITHFUL Laity “out there” that Bishop Athanasius Schneider should be next Pope.
    “COME Holy Spirit, FILL the hearts of THE FAITHFUL. Kindle in THEM the Fire of Your LOVE. Send forth YOUR
    Spirit, and renew the Face of the Church.” That’s a tall order! Who will heed it? . . without being blocked !!
    Fear of a DEADLOCKED Conclave ?? Since when is that an obstacle to the Holy Spirit? Pray like you MEAN IT,
    you Cardinals . . on (stale . . “secular status quo”) bread and water.


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