Francis Is Making The Two WORST ENEMIES Of Tradition Into Cardinals

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Bishop McElroy is an *alleged* same sex attraction afflicted individual, and Archbishop Arthur Roche is the architect of Francis’ war against the Apostolic Mass.




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4 thoughts on “Francis Is Making The Two WORST ENEMIES Of Tradition Into Cardinals

  1. Looks like Francis the Talking Mule is doing his version of “packing the Court..”

  2. I’m an 86 year old Catholic man and these appointments make me want to cry. Has the Holy Spirit abandoned us?

    1. The antipope & his pals have never been part of the Church. Rome has become,as predicted, the seat of Antichrist.

  3. So, Anthony, how does one stop feeding more “bananas” to this “Ape”? . . mushy ones, firm ones. Peels with
    decaying brown spots. Peels with still a tinge of green. Maybe the “Ape” has been slipping on its own “peels”,
    and has been “seeing stars” from all the head-bonking on marble floors. “Bananas”? . . a confused Laity . . a
    deceived Clergy . . a politicized Hierarchy who teach falsely on the Eucharist, and not at all on the Real Presence.

    The Wisdom found in the “Science of the Saints” is part of the Sacred Deposit of Faith. On the Eucharist there are
     —from the Gospels on —ALL the Saints, “little” ones and the great . . Sts.John, Augustine, Thomas Acquinas . .

    But there is no Son WITHOUT His Mother, who BEST, invariably, leads to her Son. And there are many Saints
    ( . . if not all) who best lead to the Mother. St.Gabriel Possenti (1838-1862) is one. Let me assume, briefly, a
    “Western” accent on this one. Gabe, before becoming a Passionist, was an ex-Italian Army guy. As such he was
    a crack-shot with a pistol. He proved it when, AS a Passionist (wearing his cassock), he disarmed a group of
    brigands about to do mischief to local citizens, and, with their pistol, picked off a little lizard hi-tailing across the
    street more than a few paces away . . just to “establish confidence” . . as he led them to the local constabulary.

    ABOUT Mary, Passionist Possenti write the following: “LOVE MARY ! She IS loveable, faithful, constant.
    She will never let herself be outdone in love. She does not look to see what kind of person you have been.
    She simply comes to a heart THAT WANTS TO LOVE HER.”

    And, for “good measure”, let Consecration to St.Joseph be our sure anchor, [cf. Fr.Don Calloway, Consecration
    to St.Joseph]

    So, just as the “first” dying “reject” in the gutters of Calcutta became the moment beginning Mother St.Teresa’s
    commitment to “poorest of the poor”, in similar fashion, let St.Gabriel Possenti’s experience with his Heavenly
    Mother become our pattern for approaching her . . and loving her.

    As for that “Ape” glutting itself of “free bananas”, their costume will shed quickly once they too have discovered
    and encountered the REAL Mother . . and her REAL Son.


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