Francis Callously Dismisses Traditionalist Pilgrim Mothers

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Their pilgrimage was highly publicized. He knew they were coming. And he blew them off.




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4 thoughts on “Francis Callously Dismisses Traditionalist Pilgrim Mothers

  1. Sorry for hogging the comment bar, but thoughts keep coming. ” . . a destroyer, not a Shepherd . . “, like the pop
    song, ” . . Killing me . . [ blah, blah, blah] . . SOFTLY with his WORDS . . ” What else can Our Lady mean, in “To
    The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons”, when in 1989/ #406g she defines the task of Ecclesiastical Freemasonry
    “to destroy Christ and His Church and replace it with an Idol, a false christ and a false church.”? Francis is indeed
    destroying the Church “softly”.

  2. “Political idolatry” . . but isn’t this precisely what has taken front-and-centre stage in Francis’ Vatican “diplomacy”, relegating the (“rigid”) Deposit of Faith UNDER St.Peter, a St.Gregory the Great, a St.Leo the Great, a Pope Pius V, a St.Piux iX, even a St.John Paul the Great to a “virtual” Catacombs? From FAITH to wrangling IDEA WORSHIP !

  3. Anthony, just started listening to this podcast, and, suddenly, I’m wondering if maybe, JUST MAYBE, these Pilgrim
    Mothers reminded Francis of those Mothers seeking their sons who had disappeared during the Argentine “troubles”
    when he —Bishop or Archbishop Bergoglio or Jesuit Superior? —was a senior Churchmen there.

  4. I hope you will do a segment on Pius ax’s immediate successor, Benedict XV, who out an end to Pius X’s anti-modernist campaign because he found he had been suspect of Modernism.


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