The Modernists Are Going To Completely Ruin Notre Dame Cathedral

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The fingerprints of Freemasonry are all over this.




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One thought on “The Modernists Are Going To Completely Ruin Notre Dame Cathedral

  1. No Communion of Saints hinted at here, nor their Saviour,
    Jesus Christ. No Incarnation. No Redemption. Therefore,
    no restoration IN CHRIST with this mathematician’s altar !

    Nothing fully Human, nothing fully Divine. Just the
    scrubbed walls and EMPTY space inside the architect’s
    mind and the current Churchmen’s loss of Tradition.

    “bronze”, “brown”, “density”, “luminosity”: weasel words,
    which have clarity [ if that ] only the designer’s mind, who
    [ in this case ] doesn’t resemble the mind of the Church’s
    Sacred Deposit of Faith, the [ Sensus Fidelium ] mind of
    ordinary, practising Catholics.

    Dialogue ?? “The time for discussion is over”: [ cf. Marian
    Movement of Priests, “To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved
    Sons” —1972 – 1997. ]

    Masons are not humble servants [ of CHRIST ]. They
    haven’t got the Eucharist —Christ truly Present as Food
    and Drink for our Salvation —, but NOT truly Present
    on their stupid, flared-up altar.


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