Mainstream Media Reports: Francis Is Going To Fire And Replace Bishop Strickland

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The good bishop is showing exceptional leadership and serenity during this time. Keep him in your prayers.





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4 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Reports: Francis Is Going To Fire And Replace Bishop Strickland

  1. I saw, but did not meet, Bishop Strickland in November 2018 at the “Silence Stops Now Rally” after the McCarrick revelations. He was the ONLY BISHOP to walk the thirty feet across from the hotel to speak to the faithful about their fury about the long cover-up — the only one.

    1. To John H.: thanks for sharing ! . . a critical context
      for modelling ourselves on this brave Bishop !

  2. Most Loved Anthony,

    Please convey my request to Bishop Strickland , that he lead a Eucharistic Procession on August 13, to honor Our Lady of Fatima and the Feast day of Her Dormition. The procession of reparation prayer for the injustice done to the children of Fatima on August 13, 2017 – they were detained by socialists/communists who called them liars and desired to kill His Truth. The procession to then give honor and glory to His Truth , Our Lord Jesus Christ . The invitation to the Eucharistic procession should be announced by Cardinal Timothy Dolan , Past President of USCCB who prevented Kicanas from becoming president 2009 .

    Blessings , Raphael ( AKA Dr.Scott )

  3. O Francis . . you’re being SO subtle ! !

    Francis had GOT to keep on behaving this way.
    Dictators —certainly one formed in the mold of
    Juan Perón —CAN’T have rivals. He may play
    along for a while, but doctrinaire policy, like the
    decalogue, can never be “open” to opposing notions
    and practice.

    Thus, Francis’s home-grown dictatorial “tap root”
    has never been weeded out, certainly not on a
    secular, political lever. But the consequences for
    his behaviour blurr and neutralize Papal theology &
    clear morality for the Faithful, and falsify recorded
    Church History.

    The APE of “Apostolic” —interloping, unholy, and
    merely humanist —ISN’T Apostolic! There’s NO
    advance in HOLINESS possible here. Divisive,
    not One. Sectarian, not Catholic.

    Venerable Pope Pius XII, intercede for Francis
    and the Church. Pray for Bishop Strickland. Continue
    to defend the Catholic Church founded by Christ,
    which you loved and served to the point of total
    exhaustion. Our Lady honoured you by her
    visitation on the day you declared her Assumption
    into Heaven as certain, to be believed by all.

    Absolutely nothing ambiguous about that, nor
    about the other Marian Dogmas, not to mention
    ALL “rigid” teachings of the Church’s Sacred Tradition!


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