The Modernists Admit They’re Waging War On The Faith

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‘The Church will never be the same’ is their mantra. They believe it, too.




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3 thoughts on “The Modernists Admit They’re Waging War On The Faith

  1. Thank God for the SSPX! I hope and pray that the FSSP and all the other traditional orders refuse to participate in this modernist blitzkrieg, and unite under the umbrella of the SSPX, or create a unified strategy amongst themselves; a kind of comparative, Ecclesia Dei movement. All former grievances must be forgotten, the stakes are too great. I expect as the modernist continue with their modernist formation, they will attack and attempt to “excommunicate” the SSPX and all who attend their Masses. And, so the persecution will become much more realised.

  2. The Roman clique of Episcopalians and their brother and sister and non-binary siblings have no authority because none of them are bishops. If this be Donatism, make the most of it.

  3. Achieving their goal ? . . the goal of an Ape church? . . big deal !
    Who are they kidding ! . . since when do numbers “overturn” the
    Truth, let alone the True Christ and His Church ??

    Bergoglio has got to go. But that’s in the purview of Christ the
    King, not of German (or other) Synodalists.


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