They’re Accusing Traditional Catholics Of Open Schism

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First, it was heresy, now its schism. They must be worried.




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5 thoughts on “They’re Accusing Traditional Catholics Of Open Schism

  1. The sun in the image looks similar to a solar super flare. Reference the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima which to me warns of chastising via the sun

  2. LOL!…..One more thing, to add the validity of my previous post…. As it happens the Catholic aggregation site, New Advent, the establishment site of record for the Church of Pope Francis, has a posting, right now, announcing that: “The USPS website to get four free COVID tests quietly went online a day early. If you want to beat the rush, here’s how to do it…”….LOL!….You can’t make this up…I mean, sometimes, I ask myself: “Am I over the top? …Am I, like, a conspiracy theorist, nut-job? Do I need to go see someone?”…..And then, just like that, I get a gift–a free self-sanity check– from “New Advent”!….LOL!…Thank you, New Advent!

  3. Within the next 5-10 years, new bionic technologies (artificial human intelligence) will be unveiled, and demonstrated for proof of concept, that will be so powerful and revolutionary that people will believe that man has finally become God. Through these technologies, mankind will finally have come to believe, with utter certainty, that he has now sufficiently managed to become God (read: “ape” God).

    This, to such an extent that those who were already atheists and agnostics will believe that they finally have had their lack of faith fully vindicated. Those of lukewarm faith–that is, “check the box” Sunday Catholics, for instance, who do no believe in the Real Presence (70% of US Catholics)–will be so shocked and awed by these technologies (that super-empower or effectively replace human capacities) that their own rationalist/empiricist/materialist instincts will cause them to finally dispense with whatever little faith they had (which was, effectively, none). Since these Catholic “people of God” were such skeptical Catholics to begin with (the modern Catholic Church, after all, did not teach or inspire them to believe otherwise), Elon Musk (and just wait to see what he’s getting ready to unveil–soon), will finally provide them with their long awaited, very sweet release from St. Paul’s teachings.

    Now, if we combine this with everything that Klaus Schwab has been and is doing, and that this Pontiff has been doing with Communist China (amidst the globalist false flag operation of “synodality”), funded by Google. and there you have it. We are here. We will actually have the chance live, in our lifetimes, to experience what is meant by the term “eschatology.”
    And here we have to point to a sad irony, as given by the news of the day. Everyone who joined in this year’s “2022 March for Life”–God bless them–have no idea of what they are/were actually marching for–and this only, of course, because they are not yet aware of it. What they are/were marching for, unbeknownst to them, is the right for adult human life to continue to exist.
    This is because the Pontiff and Klaus Schwab have already ushered in the era in which calculations will now be made–by the “elite” class of humanoids– as to which adult human beings will now be useful and which will be deemed redundant and dispensable–since we’ve now created the New Man.

    And why was I so aggrieved when the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius couldn’t even muster enough effective resistance to the Archbishop of Chicago in order to even “delay” the latter’s gratuitous implementations of the current Pontiff’s ceaseless attack against the Sacred in the Church by so much as two weeks?

    Because. In that failure, means that we no longer have any of the mettle left within us, within our Church, institutionally, to resist what’s coming.

    As Catholics, we will be left to our own devices. We will be in small groups, without our Church (which Francis has already given away to the very Communist entities that seek Her destruction, and, which our priests went along with).

    In these moments forthcoming, alone or in our small groups, we will be begging for God’s strength to stand for Him–to have the courage not deny Him when we are placed in that final awful moment of trial.

    Our Orwellian Room 101 ordeal is coming, brothers and sisters. And so this weekend while we all marched so happily for life, and are so enthused about the forthcoming change in man’s law over the right to an abortion, we remain completely oblivious to the Wolf who is already at our door.
    Why do you think Jesus admonished us to pray, for ourselves, that we would have enough faith, strength, and courage to endure the trial that would be forthcoming?

    Now, when we tie this to the global mechanics of the pandemic, we arrive at a perfect circle. The response to the pandemic (if not the pandemic itself) became the sweet opportunity for a globalist probing attack, which proved successful beyond Klaus Schwab’s expectations. Klaus and friends (Francis is not in on this part–he’s, frankly, just too dumb, and while he’s psychologically disturbed, he’s not this purely evil) asked themselves, are we ready? Will this work? Will we get the populations to completely submit to our New Order of the bionic New Man upon the release of the program? Will people submit and be entirely complicit in their own bionic eugenics program/genocide? Will they be fully astonished and utterly credulous? Will they point fingers at one other and say: “It’s him! Take him!…. I comply. I accept!… But he doesn’t believe in the New Man! Take him! Keep me!”

    Oh, yes, they will, brothers and sisters. As sure as we strapped masked to our children’s faces, heaping upon them irreversible abuse and neglect, and denounced one another for non-compliance (as “deniers”!) over a virus that was neither as deadly as it was ever claimed to be, and which could have been much less deadly than it was, had we simply had enough ethical and competent leadership and wisdom to have prevented it.

    We are now living in the times that Orwell had to conjure through fiction.

    Prepare yourselves, brothers and sisters. Pray. Ask God for strength, for courage, for your indefatigable faith in the final hour.

    Remember: the Holocaust actually happened. The Gulag Archipelago and the Ukrainian Famine actually happened. Everything that Mao did, actually happened.

    Now imagine yourself–a Jew, a Ukrainian–being a poor soul trapped in the middle of that complete absence of humanity, asking: “How can this actually be happening?”

    It was actually happening because all of mankind somehow believed, up until the final crucial moments, that none of this could ever actually happen.

  4. This is Marxist (Atheist) to the core ! ! Same tactics & psychology
    as Demons and (Official) Communists. Truth is manipulated by
    them for what they can get out of it. Not for the Truth Itself, i.e
    Christ’s, Christ Himself, and His Church’s Deposit of Faith.
    (See veteran Exorcist Fr.Chad Ripperger’s 47 short videos on Spiritual Warfare.
    “One step forward; two back; then another forward”. Francis’s excellent talk on “Tenderness” (as the key to forgiveness and Peace) is compromised and open to distrust because of his record this “steps forward” i.e. always couched in AMBIGUITY.

  5. La Salette reflection would be most welcome. It would be particularly helpful to relate it’s message to similar messages from apparitions in Quito, Fatima, Garabandal and Akita.


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