This Courageous Priest Is Facing The Wrath Of The Modernists For Speaking The Truth

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3 thoughts on “This Courageous Priest Is Facing The Wrath Of The Modernists For Speaking The Truth

  1. Note how quickly the vipers in mitres invoked their new version of canon law to whip into line a priest writing the truth.

  2. Psalm 109 v 4 … “Thou art a priest forever according to to the order of Melchisedech.”
    Having spent a working life of some 40 + years working in the legal profession I note how well Fr Bus explains, in both his letters, the law of the church (that is the True Church, not the Ape of the church).
    Like Fr Bus I was driven out of the church I loved, post Vatican II.
    Like him intuitively I knew something was wrong; terribly wrong, with all the post Vatican II reforms.
    2 close friends of mine left the priesthood, married and had children. Both died before they were 60!
    I always thought God was not too happy with them and so shortened their lives.
    Not for me to judge however.
    And for the record they were both good men but both, as married men, embraced the NO mass. To me this was strange given how they were ordained when the catholic mass was universally the same!
    Only after a visit to Knock in Ireland did I manage to find my way back.
    At least follow the lead I had been given to find my way back, for I certainly couldn’t make that trip by myself!
    My interest in law remains (in my retirement, as I now approach my 8th decade on the planet) and I now understand the teachings and writings of Popes Pius V, Pius X, Leo XIII and Pius XII and how they meld with those of the doctors of the church such as Teresa of Avila, Augustine, Aquinas etc.,
    All these formally and irrevocably demonstrate the law of the church is such that any abrogation of the Tridentine Mass and the form of the administration of the Sacraments instituted by Our Lord himself and through His Apostles has no foundation in church law. To point that out to bishops cardinals or even the Pope is not sinful in any way. In fact it is an act of love! Paul v Peter for example!
    It astounds me that today’s bishops and cardinals do not see this! Then again at Fatima Our Lady gave her message to three poor and supposedly ignorant and not so smart children! There’s a message there, isn’t there?
    I wish Fr Bus was here in Australia.
    Don’t get me wrong.
    We have good priests here, but for the starving population of true followers of Our Lord and His holy mother priests such as Fr Bus, are gold, and don’t we need them.
    Be assured us old retired chaps can and will find time to pray for priests such as Fr Bus and Our Lady will certainly be there for him if we ask.
    A thought came to me listening to Fr Bus’ letters.
    Perhaps we now live in a time which is ‘The Age Of Prophecies’ and so we should look to not only Our Lady of La Salette, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Akita but others who have been prolific in warning us of today’s world. Bl Anne Catherine Emmerich for one! I’m sure her writings would be of great comfort to priests such as Fr Bus.
    God bless and thanks for the continual news both positive and negative as it helps discern “them” by their fruits.

  3. Anthony, your namesake FATHER Anthony, does a good job voicing the Wisdom and Holiness
    of the Ages. At this moment of the global “Saga” I can’t help but think Our Lord  —JUST Judge
    that He is and remains —permits His Church (and the world) to suffer the worst of the worst. It’s His Absence, same as what his earthly Parents suffered back in Nazareth.

    But then post-Crucifixion crocuses begin popping up “sporadical”, locally, globally. Having given Evil its chance to do its worst, it is now time to give the murderous Lie to it. Night will never hold back the first rays of the Sun. Heavens no! Then there’s the whole day close upon “the heels” of the sun’s Rays, originating not in the black hole of nothingness. Absence cannot beget Sub-
    stance. Only the “Substance” of the Risen Christ can do that.


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