The Media Is Celebrating “Benedict Being Out Of The Way” Of Francis’ Agenda

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These people are goulish.




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One thought on “The Media Is Celebrating “Benedict Being Out Of The Way” Of Francis’ Agenda

  1. Up until Benedict’s passing, shall we label the 10 year
    Vatican “standoff” as, “How to keep a Dictator Pope on
    a leash”?

    Juan Peròn’s protégé ( at 14 yrs) Jorge Bergoglio 
    —Pope Francis —possesses neither a natural
    instinct for Democracy with its give-and-take, nor
    the fair-mindedness and fair-play that SHOULD
    show in a SOVEREIGN ruler running a sovereign
    state. Token, fake, fair-mindedness and fair-play
    do not count. For an in-his-bones-dictator, at the
    end of the day, it’s ultimately “my way or the highway”.
    But even with Royalty there can be “shockery-
    mockery at the cross-roads”.

    King Henry VIII, as depicted in the move, A Man
    For All Seasons, turns out to be as much the
    Dictator as Pope Francis will ever be. King by
    succession, but dictator by hormonal temperament.

    In the pre-invitational supper “discussion” scene —
    leading up to Henry storming off back to his
    river boats —Henry elatedly boasts, “Thomas, I’m
    in an excellent frame of mind!”. The reason being,
    one wonders, because “ME and MY duty” trump
    ANYTHING the Pope has to say about Henry’s

    But then poor Henry bewails THE FOLLOWERS
    who attach themselves to him and his court:
    “There are those, like Norfolk, who follow me
    because I wear the Crown; those like master
    Cromwell, who follow me because they’re jackals
    with sharp teeth and I’m their tiger; there’s a mass
    that follows me because it follows anything that
    moves . . . then there’s YOU ( . . and your are

    Thankfully, Christ has had His ( WHOLE) Church
    pray 24/7 for His various Vicars throughout the
    Millennia! And Pope Francis has certainly not
    been left on the sidelines —one would think —
    like his band-wagoneers are in danger of.
    Surely it is Jesus’ ETERNAL “I have prayed
    for you (that Satan may NOT have you)!”,
    bonding each of the Pontificates since the
    first Pope, St. Peter.

    Whatever ill-will or bad faith Francis has sporadically
    displayed . . heretical teaching, unjust removal of
    proven “Good men”, covering for and promotion of
    proven “bad actors”, display of uncontrolled
    temper . . well, he has yet to breathe his last. His
    predecessor Benedict has prayed for, and is
    interceding for Francis, that Satan may NOT
    \have his Soul.


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