That ‘Conservative Cardinals Are Plotting To Oust Francis’ Story Is Probably Fake News

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I hope I’m wrong. But the track record of these rumors has a 100% fail rate.




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One thought on “That ‘Conservative Cardinals Are Plotting To Oust Francis’ Story Is Probably Fake News

  1. Armchair observer here. After @4:36 min, Francis
    appears again as “Dictator Pope” . . with that
    shameless, bare-faced stare & “sting” of his: that
    of a VINDICTIVE dictator Pope.

    From where come the repeated occasions to
    “get even”? . . and, “get even” with whom? Could it
    be that Francis’s sly moves shield ( but barely ) a
    deep actual HATRED of Christ and His Church
    . . . for those “in house” leaders who have kept,
    and, under Francis, ATTEMPT to keep “St. Peter’s
    Barque” on even keel?

    @12:30 ff: if FORCING (a Pope) to retire is Canonically
    invalid, by the same token, wasn’t Jorge Bergoglio’s
    choice FORCED upon the Church by the ANTI-Holy Spirit,
    politically-motivated, filthy “Lavender” bloc out of Davos?
    A guy like that Belgian cover-up Cardinal . . who,
    by the way, dies within days of Bergoglio achieving
    the Chair.

    Particular Judgements are over-and-done-with in
    an instant, when that Soul is already OUT of time
    and IN ETERNAL Reality.

    So, how valid and binding is ANYTHING “Pope
    Francis” has ever said or done? Or . . does the
    Holy Spirit “adapt” to any and all shenanigans
    let loose from PRE-Conclave political jockeying?


    “Wherever one of the three Persons of the Holy
    Trinity is, the other two HAVE to be.” God the
    Father, God the Son (Redeemer, Saviour of the
    world), God the Holy Spirit (“Fire of Love”;
    Source of all Wisdom and Consolation) cannot
    possibly collude in “party politics”, or anti-Truth,
    or the EVIL intents of anti-Christ politicians!


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