3 thoughts on “The Huge Baptism Mess In Detroit

  1. Fascinating to hear how you describe Canon Law Made Easy. First you reference the canonist as “they,” and indicate that there are multiple people working there. Then you describe the writer as “he.” If you actually bother to look at the blog site you can see right away that it’s the work of only one canonist, who is a woman. I always thought that a woman in the singular is referred to as “she.”

    I don’t like to throw around accusations of sexism, but I am trying to figure out why you work so hard to avoid mentioning that the person whose work you praise is female? I can’t think of any other reason. It might help if you would clarify your motives for doing this, thank you.

  2. Anyhow there is not much time now as this September onwards the Corona or some other virus starts exploding and simultaneously social unrest intensifies November being the worst with the government unable to control the situation hence stock three months of essentials, cash as some areas would off the grid no internet for some time. A major event is to take place then.

    New York will be the worst affected. Thereafter its non- stop chastisement after chastisement moving into the Revelations, Greater Tribulation ending in the three days of darkness, the remnant moving into the millennium. Whew…its over@!
    I give it all in a span of four years from now.

  3. This is the first time I heard about this situation in the Detroit Archdiocese where I lived most of my life. Detroit has been a hot bed of Vatican II innovation from the outset. So it is not surprising that liberties were taken with Baptism as liberties were taken by some priests at Holy Mass and undoubtedly in our Sacraments. At this stage of the game rectifying these invalidities is probably impossible and must be left in the hands of God.

    I am somewhat surprised that Archbishop Vigneron choose to go public with this issue as it will surely lead many away from the faith. The good part is that is another nail in the coffin of the catastrophic outcomes of Vatican II which, hopefully, will someday be abrogated in its entirety.


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