4 thoughts on “Fatima Is Unfolding Before Our Eyes….

      1. I can’t find either of the letter or “ The Third Secret And The Hermeneutic Of Conspiracy”.

  1. Agree. The Church is decaying and falling apart before our eyes. This process accelerated following Vatican II which was effectively a charter for the take-over of the Church by Modernists. The result has been the Protestantization of most Catholics, now nearly complete. We can also note that Our Lady’s request for the opening of the 3rd Secret was 1960 which was not obeyed and instead was contradicted by Vatican II.

    At our present moment in history we have what amounts to an anti-pope in Francis who is leading the Church into Communism. If all this isn’t a fulfillment of the 3rd Secret I don’t know what is.

    And the events in the world also support the Communist take over. The Vatican approval of the Chinese “Catholic” Church. The Virus hoax “pandemic and the talk of forced vaccinations with tracking devices installed, de-population schemes, etc all designed to make a Godless heaven on earth, which, of course, will become a virtual hell.


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