Vigano: SAVE THE CHILDREN From Global Tyranny

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Vigano hits all the topics that YouTube censors: COVID19, vaccines, mask mandates, all of them, so the video is not on YouTube today. There’s no way I could safely record his letter and put it up there, so instead its on the alternative platforms.



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21 thoughts on “Vigano: SAVE THE CHILDREN From Global Tyranny

  1. Hi Anthony, Thanks so much for your work. May our Lord and Holy Mother always bless and sustain you.Just saw that you were once agnostic and so I thought I’d drive something by you, given that, gladly, you also have a Ph.D. You see, people go the ‘non-sentient’ way of proving God, but I always believe that I can pose the below argument to my very intelligent agnostic or atheist friends and I ask you if it’s simplistic on my part, and than you immensely in advance if you were able to provide your valuable feedback (whereas I understand the important work you are called to which might prevent you from doing so):

    Why don’t you see the workings of God everyday, and especially in the near-hit on the road, in these last ditch effort from God? I believe that the rule of probability that entered your mind was overridden at that particular moment and it was a God moment that you cannot deny. Anyway, ‘the psychology only’ of the God moment which you opted for over the reality that it was God is not really tenable in it’s logic. Secondly, why don’t you harken back, and why, in fact, do you dismiss, all the so called ‘coincidences’ that God made sure He let you experience even though, like myself, I dismissed them then but now realize that it is God’s love and patience that let me live to this point so I am left with no excuse, for if I were to die before now I would have forfeited the chance of repentance, Thirdly, why don’t you consider that the innocence with which you once viewed sin for it’s true horror was not because your were naive but you then began to condone it, like I did for decades, and that God is a loving father then left us to become morally blind as we chose it, also because for us it became inconvenient to shun the pull to the lustful things in front of us.

    Thanks Anthony!

    God Bless you much!

    Charles Gomes

    1. So sorry all. I never knew the lines in my initial comment would not be collapsed. In fact, I want to delete the comment but don’t know how to. I realized that Anthony’s email is also provided. God Bless!

  2. We are called “conspiracy theorists”. In fact we’re conspiracy realists.

  3. A simple thank you does not seem that much. But, know, the thank you carries much appreciation and asking that our Blessed Mother keep you and your family under Her mantle.

  4. There been 14 true controled random studies on mask (muzzles) and all studies concluded no statistical significance, in 2015 study showed non n-95 mask (or none 100) actually increase chance to contract. I believe the mask are a form of psychology to subdue and brain wash

  5. I enjoy Archbishop Vigano’s letters, however, I often feel they are post-graduate level theology and a reading through, or having them read to me, leaves my head in a haze. By the time you’ve finished reading I’ve forgotten what I already didn’t understand at the beginning. I would appreciate a summary of each paragraph (perhaps by the host) explaining in a concise sentence what exactly the point he’s making is.

  6. I had issues earlier wìth the aidio ( I was able to find the link, it just was not playing). I watched the video and am now listening tò the audio. Thank you!

  7. I broke a personal rule of mine. I deleted the page break so everything is on the first page. It’s ugly as sin now but you should be able to see the player link. Use the audio one first unless it doesn’t work for you. Bitchute has always been a touchy website.

  8. I made it as simple as possible: I broke a personal rule and deleted the page break. It may look ugly as sin now but you should be able to see the player link.

  9. Cannot find a link! In fact have not found any links so far. Wish the links were easier to find, does look like I’m not the only one
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    1. Click on Page 2 on the “Pages” list just above the related post. God Bless!


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