Bishop Athanasius (and bonus): Francis Must Stop His War On Tradition

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In the audio only link below is the bonus letter that’s just way too much for YouTube. Enjoy.




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5 thoughts on “Bishop Athanasius (and bonus): Francis Must Stop His War On Tradition

  1. Bishop Schneider’s letter is the best thing I’ve read from prelate, since it measures the malicious action against the saccharine words of Pachapope, and is neither craven nor embittered. The sorrow at the hypocrisy is palpable, while he does not use the word “hypocrite”. It is a simple act of speaking truth without any affectation whatsoever.

  2. What’s unfortunate is that since JPII, Catholics have in large part been forced to spend time justifying scandal and trying to reconcile how the men can really be Pope, rather than spending that time sanctifying themselves and helping others. I’m sure that in Kazakhstan there are plenty of people who need to be evangelized and how can Bishop Schneider do that when he’s traveling the world speaking against Modernists? The scandals are a huge distraction.

    I’d rather say I don’t know if the last 3 popes have actually even been Catholic, and that I don’t understand the implications of them not being Catholic, then I don’t have to spend time justifying their actions and can spend time praying, reading or something that doesn’t involve a questionable ‘Pope.’ He’s supposed to be guiding me, not me correcting him. it’s like having an alcoholic father or something, we only have to listen to him when he’s in his right mind acting like a father. So far, the past 3 popes have been drunk on diabolism. St. Paul said, we don’t need to suffer a fool heretic. Stay away from such.

  3. Excellent replies from Mr. Allen and “Meany”. My wife’s immediate reaction to this: “These guys are evil. They’ve had a plan all along.” , , which affirms words of Our Lady re. Ecclesiastical Freemasonry: ” The task of Ecclesiastical Freemasonry it to destroy Christ and His Church and replace it with an idol, a false
    christ and a false church.” (To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved
    Sons, 1989, #406g “The Beast Like A Lamb”)

  4. I thought that the letter was excellent! This is because whilst we know that Pope Francis has initiated the destruction of the traditional rite in a cold and cruel manner, the good Bishop Athanasius, is openly challenging the pope to demonstrate this inclusion and charity, in the image of the God of peace and surprises he so often talks about. As Francis will ignore the letter, he will reveal himself to be colder and crueler still. He is being requested to rescind a divisive and wounding document. He won’t of course, and he will continue to crucify and stab a spear into the side of Christ’s mystical Body.

  5. Yep, that’s an incredible letter. Before I go any further, please know I am praying for you and your God given immune system!
    I’m staying Catholic but I’m resistant to these foolish things. I’m absolutely certain the TLM shall outlast the “pachapapa”.


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