The Crisis In The Church Reading List

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As seen in the episode of The Mailbag, airing September 17, 2022.

Beginner/Entry Level:

Infiltration by Taylor Marshall
St Gallen Mafia by Julia Meloni
A Voice in the Wilderness: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò on the Church, America, and the World by Archbishop Vigano and Dr Brian McCall
The Dictator Pope by Henry Sire
Open Letter To Confused Catholics by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
Phoenix From The Ashes by Henry Sire
Vatican by Malachi Martin
Windswept House by Malachi Martin
Prometheus: The Religion of Man. Can You Interpret Vatican 2 Correctly?

Anything by Michael Davies, but specifically:
Cranmer’s Godly Order
Pope John’s Council
Pope Paul’s New Mass
The Great Facade by Chris Ferrara and Tom Woods
The Jesuits by Malachi Martin
Lamentabali Sane by Pope Pius X
The Ottaviani Intervention
They Have Uncrowned Him by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
The Rhine Flows Into The Tiber by Wiltgen
100 Years Of Modernism, by Dominque Bormaud
Liberalism Is A Sin by Dr. Don Felix Sarday Salvany

Pascendi Dominici Gregis by Pope Pius X
Iota Unum by Romano Amerio
Work of Human Hands by Fr Anthony Cekada
A preconciliar edition of Ott’s Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma
Any commentaries by Cornelius Lapide

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13 thoughts on “The Crisis In The Church Reading List

  1. Is this a call to a real REFORMATION in the post-Vatican II church? Has the voice of Archbishop Vigano and Fr James Altman been heard by the youth to make a difference?

  2. The Keys of this Blood by Malachi Martin also gives a good overview and relates what we now know as the “Deep Church” / St. Gallen Mafia and associates to the larger geo-political scene… the book advances to the early part of Pope Benedict’s pontificate and ends there…

  3. I recommend that people read Pastor Aeternus. I just read it this week and my mind is blown. If anyone tells you it was written to correct a kind of “hyperpapalism” that had been affecting the Church, you’ll see that that’s plainly not true. Instead, it instructs us to acknowledge the role of the pope and our loyalty to him. It’s written post-John XXII and post Honorius so don’t read it thinking Pius IX somehow hadn’t heard of them. They were not what Francis is. Not anywhere near what Francis is.

    And if they say that Pastor Aeternus caused later Catholics to put too much trust in the Pope and his right of governance, or limited the popes’ power and our ability to trust him to ex cathedra documents only, all I can say is they haven’t read Pastor Aeternus.

    1. Thanks, Sharon, for doing that “homework” for us. Keep it up and “CATHOLICS ARE IGNORANT OF THEIR OWN FAITH” will begin to turn around, i.e. out of shameful ignorance we’ll be driven to READ
      again ( . . like Fr. Chad Ripperger !) and steer clear of mere “sound bytes”, talk-shows, and quotes
      ONLY . . and STUDY Papal Documents and the “Science of the Saints”, not to mention the Church’s understanding of Scripture.

  4. This book list has several items that were on my Works Cited List of my Capstone Project for my graduation BA in Religion that received an “A” from non-catholics and also many James Martin fans that gave me strong resistance that made me even stronger and better. Praise God , and the Theotokos.

  5. The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber, Trojan Horse in the City of God, AA-1025, The Mystery of Iniquity, The Plot Against the Church

    1. Ah, saw you already had “Rhine” on your list…also, not sure this is a “book”, but the Ottaviani Intervention.

  6. I wholeheartedly agree; it’s excellent. An SSPX priest recently gave the homily several weeks ago and opened w/this startling sentence: CATHOLICS ARE IGNORANT OF THEIR OWN FAITH. From there he proceeded to explain. It was the most truthful and dynamic homily I’ve heard in a very long time. We need many more outspoken, courageous and faithful priests like this one who is not afraid to speak and live the Truth. God Bless those who step up to the plate and speak fearlessly.

  7. Suggested anthem for proceeding further:
    #638 page 569, The Book of Common Praise
    “It was fitting that God, for whom and through whom all things exist, in bringing many children to glory, should make the pioneer of their Salvation perfect through sufferings” Hebrews 2:10
    1/ Youth of the world, arise,/ Courage and service bring,/ Life full and free, before you lies, Make Christ your Saviour-King.
    2/ Youth of the world, arise,/ High hope is yours today,/ Life offers many and easy prize,/ Christ points the harder way.
    3/ Youth of the world, arise,/ ‘Adventure’ is your cry./ Then see before your very eyes/ The King who dared to die.
    4/ Youth of the world, arise,/ To sacrificial deeds,/ ‘Come, follow Me,’/ The Saviour cries,/ Young lives like yours he needs.
    5/ Youth of the world, arise,/ To bear His Cross and shame;/ With Him no true endeavour dies;/ Go forth proclaim His Name.
    6/ Youth of the world, arise,/ Clear is the clarion call,/ ‘I come, I come,’ true youth replies,/ ‘To Christ I give my all.’ Amen.
    (The Book of Common Praise, publ. by the Anglican Book Centre, 600 Jarvis Street, Toronto. Reprinted and bound in Canada. ISBN 0-921846-89-4

      1. Because it isn’t “Anglican”; it’s in an Anglican Hymn book. The composer —to the
        limited extent of my research —is “Anonymous”. Finally, it’s theme is a clarion-call
        for young people to commit to Christ and His Cross. Now, John, if you call that
        “Anglican”, so be it.

  8. Excellent list. I have read nearly everything at all levels. But for those who wish to take a shortcut check out – Exposing the Modernist Vatican II Church. While this is a sedevacantist it is most worthwhile.


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