Francis Doubles Down On Heresy While Media Slimes Good Bishop

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In 2019, Bishop Athanasius Schneider publicly corrected Francis for his heretical statement about God willing a diversity of religions. Francis has doubled down on that statement, and the media coincidentally slimed Schneider publicly.





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One thought on “Francis Doubles Down On Heresy While Media Slimes Good Bishop

  1. There was a very popular song from 1954 entitled “This ‘Ol House”, performed by DOZENS of artists since. Readily available today from iTunes.

    It provides a fitting simple musical metaphor for how Pope Francis views today’s TARDY “people of God” still clinging to outgrown, dead, “rigid”, “backward” traditions of yesteryear. A couple verses.
    (Insertions in brackets are mine):

    “This ole house once knew (its) children/ This ole house once knew (its Mom)/ This ole house was home and comfort/ As (they) fought the storms of life/ This old house once rang with laughter/ This old house heard many shouts/ Now (it) trembles in the darkness/ When the lightnin’ walks about. Refrain: Ain’t a gonna need this house no longer ain’t a gonna need this house no more . . “

    While Pope Francis concludes his Kazakstan visit with “ . . we should look to the children . . “ ( hope for a NEW “Ole House”), 7.5 million children IN UKRAINE ALONE ( recent article ) have had THEIR future co-opted by a diabolical, merciless WAR. Are THESE children with parent(s)? .. orphans? .. homeless? .. FOREVER traumatized? Slim chance for them to receive Francis’ concluding wish: “Let’s give young people educational opportunities . . “

    Furthermore, what philosophies of learning undergird the huge and powerful Teachers’ Unions here in Canada & in North America? Haven’t they been compromised by Marxist-tainted University Grads now teaching? Besides, countless young people HAVE NOT found satisfaction for their deep thirst for AUTHENTIC, true Faith, Worship, and Morals in Novus Ordo scenarios, BUT IN THE LATIN MASS!

    With the Apostolic Mass of the Ages —and its accompanying TRADITIONAL CATECHESIS ( the Roman Catechism from Trent; Fr. Francis Spirago’s exhaustive “The Catechism Explained”; Ludwig Ott’s even more thorough exposition of Church Teaching) —a NON-CANCELABLE Foundation, Francis, y’all are merely talkin’ through yer skull ( and Cross-bones?) cap in your Tradition-scquelching moto proprio. Get real. Where is YOUR heart at? Or are you really like those men in
    T.S. Elliot’s poem, “men with HOLLOW chests”? You didn’t now that the archives of English Literature has so many, and such pertinent analogies, did you.

    Regarding the Kazakstan event, Bishop Schneider IS the “local bishop” there, and he can’t very well
    boycott the Cathedral Mass by NOT concelebrating WITH Pope Francis. As for the Laity (Catholics, Christians, and folks of Good Will) seeking to RE-CLAIM their One Foundation, Bishop Schneider wonderfully distinguishes, as is his transparent gift: “We are not employees of the pope (or) the bishops. We are brothers. (So), when in good conscience I feel that something is NOT CORRECT or is AMBIGUOUS I have (GOT TO tell him, but) WITH RESPECT, FRATERNALLY.” He continues, “Bishops who disagree with the pope HAVE TO BE FORTHRIGHT, and should not be caught in ‘adulations and incense’ or ‘behave like an employee to a boss’.”

    For the restoration of true Peace of Soul, and a true “anti-rant” antidote, may I recommend:
    Rorate Cœli: Marian Sounds of Advent
    by The Monks of Clear Creek
    Audio CD — $16.99


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