Bishops & Theologians Rebuke Francis For Heresy

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Though not a theologian, I was invited to sign the statement, which I did (full disclosure).





Does Pope Francis Contradict The Council of Trent?

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4 thoughts on “Bishops & Theologians Rebuke Francis For Heresy

  1. “The Bread of sinners” is a BLASPHEMOUS locution. And this fantasy that we are “all in agreement on the doctrine of justification” is also blasphemous, no matter how many “documents” Vatican commissions produce.

    1. John, right on again. But why expect ANYTHING transparently CATHOLIC
      ( . . let alone One, Holy, and Apostolic) from this man at this moment?

      Am almost done reading Julia Meloni’s St. Gallen Mafia, and, at 78, am actually getting TIRED of keep having to return to it, being a slow reader . . a veritable saga of dark [ but artificially lit up today ] Medieval style Intrigue and danger . . on steroids!

      My own day-by-day “chin up” source of sure trust and confidence comes from my consecration to St. Joseph, renewed every morning. My faults also come to clear awareness . . and how to deal with them.

      In any case, St. Joseph is truly THE Man, because A MAN . . chosen by God. Doesn’t “say” much either, but, at the same time, “says” —communicates — a lot!

      Pope Francis? . . at the very least its our duty as Baptized Catholics to pray for him . . “blindly” . . calmly, with trust. “Jesus, I trust in Y O U !”

      “Oremus pro invicem” (Let us pray for each other in turn)

  2. Frankie the Lutheran speaks with forked tongue! . . MUST not garner ANY legitimate ( Catholic ) obedience . . but, let me get the story straight:

    1/ An Historical background: Hillaire Belloc’s THE GREAT HERESIES.

    2/ From an ex Slovak Communist friend, who is now a die-hard Traditional Catholic: “We live in a time when intelligent people are being silenced [ but no more, what with Bishop Strickland & the signatories; one wonders how soon members of the College of Cardinals will also sign on ] so that stupid people won’t be offended . . !”

    3/ From Taylor Marshall’s INFILTRATION ( . . on back cover): “That all changed in the mid-19th century [ but with seeds already sown by the French Revolution? One SAINT to come out of that is St. Rose Philippine Duchèsne, mentor of Flemish missionary Fr. Pierre DeSmet, SJ, and the early American Missions ], when clandestine societies populated by Modernists and Marxists hatched a plan to subvert the Catholic Church from within. THEIR GOAL : to change Her doctrine, Her liturgy, and Her mission.”
    4/ The switch from teaching Doctrinal Clarity to caving in to the “Dictatorship of Relativism” —“Who am I to judge?” —is well underway under Francis . . from the objective “rigid” Sacred Deposit of Faith to subjective immanentist “pastoral” posturing.

    5/ Further background from 1P5: “During his time in Buenos Aires . . Cardinal Bergoglio had already enacted what Cardinal Kasper had SPENT DECADES theorizing. [ THUS ] ‘With no fuss and without making this decision public, ( Bergoglio ) encouraged his priests not to deny Communion to anyone, whether they be married, or co-habiting, or divorced and remarried.” (Sandro Magister, April 2/ 17)
    Bergoglio was already DOING IT . . way before the St. Gallen boys wangled him into the Chair of St. Peter . . but BECAUSE he was already doing it!

    6/ So, from the Crisis Reading List, late-blooming stragglers like myself, find Julia Meloni’s St. Galen Mafia seminal. Here one finds the SEED-BED of all subsequent Ecclesial Revolution, with (deChardin; Bugnini), Rahner, Martini, and Silvestrini being some of the original upstarts.


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