The Archbishop Who Tried Banning The Latin Mass Is Back

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And now he (and Francis) are coming for your children’s faith formation




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3 thoughts on “The Archbishop Who Tried Banning The Latin Mass Is Back

  1. It would be prudent to stop referring to “clown masses”, which are a red herring in any talk about the problem: the problem is that the Novus Ordo is not a single rite at all, but a “canvas” (I think it was Vigano’s term) where one may do anything, even staying with the legitimate “options”.

  2. The very clear Catechesis contained in St.John Bosco’s dream takes precedence over “Team Francis”‘s emerging
    “catechesis”. Don Bosco’s scares me. Team Francis’ does not.

    As a life-long student of the “science of the Saints”, Don Bosco’s lessons, as well as his whole life, are genuine. Francis and Archbp. Roach’s are not; false teachers. They’re interloping apes, because, forever arrayed AGAINST
    unbelief, their “One World” [ which does NOT identify with the four Marks of the True Church: One; Holy; Catholic; Apostolic] AGENDA [ humanly pre-planned and not of the Holy Spirit ] is Our Lord’s promise: ” . . the gates of Hell shall NOT PREVAIL against it [the True Church, now in eclipse and undergoing another Passion] .”

    We, inevitably, must declare this in the “darkness” of Faith. Merely human calculations and consequent agenda must necessarily remain OUTSIDE the “rigid” Sacred Deposit of Faith.

    But then, what does a PRAIRIE Grandpa know, who never ceases to relish those prairies . . foothills, Mountains,
    and the grand, horizon to horizon canopy of ever-changing, dramatic skies? . . and scattered herds of cows
    munching contentedly, having “breakfast all day” on the rich fare of huge harvested grain fields?


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