Major Pop Star BEGS Francis To Hear Her Confession

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After recording this she released some grotesquely impure material for the public, so clearly the concept of confession hasn’t fully sunk in yet.




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4 thoughts on “Major Pop Star BEGS Francis To Hear Her Confession

  1. Isn’t the German system essentially simony? aren’t the bishops selling the sacraments in collusion with the government?

  2. Evidently Madonna listens to the Ann Barnhardt Podcast. I hope she is serious about this.

  3. Anthony, to my NON-financial head and heart, but non-mistaken observations of human nature, PARTY-GOERS of any stripe or abandon are equally NON financial. While the party thrives in the throes of fun and high spirits, NOBODY there will be thinking —least of all worrying —about magically increasing COSTS of the party. On the (German, in the case at hand) Ecclesial level, why should it be any different?

    The human —and its foibles — remains at the centre. And, oh the fun! of departing from “same ‘ol”, rigid, boring,
    dumb “Sacred” (non financial ) Deposits, Faith or no Faith. Exciting —because new and “different” — “pastoral” ventures call out to be implemented !! So, let’s drink to THAT! . . lots and lots . . wine, cheeses . . and glowing documents.

  4. Maybe “Madonna” HAS had a momentary glimpse of Hell shown the three Fatima children by Our Lady. Maybe
    this Pop sinner even identified with one or more of the scorched souls seen “floating” in the fires of that “sea of
    flames”. Grace can work in any number of ways, as many ways as there are existing souls —8 billion? — and
    new souls coming “on stream” globally. Our Lady, un-doer of “impossible” knots, pray for us!


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