Tabernacle Stolen From Parish

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A tabernacle was stolen from a parish in America, and the response shows what our priorities as Catholics have become.




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2 thoughts on “Tabernacle Stolen From Parish

  1. Gee, perhaps Bishop Sheen WILL end up converting the Hierarchy, Anthony. Every fresh quote, with which you
    affirm and confirm your Podcast, brings me back to the Bishop “LIVE”, once at Ford Auditorium in Detroit, another
    time across the Detroit river in Windsor, at Cleary Auditorium. Equally important, these on-going excerpts lend
    the extra urgency to our daily Morning Prayers and evening Rosary, here at home in the Prairies.

    Bishop Sheen’s “tabernacle-encased” words are diamond hard. Unassailable. And the “back water” of Novus Ordo
    “Niceness” will never eat away his Christ-centred Foundation: his talks, his sermons, his instructions, and writings.

    Once more, thanks for doing our “homework”, ferreting out those words and events which becloud current times, but which can never cancel the Bishop’s love for the Holy Family —”JMJ” —and, THEREFORE, his adamantly
    permanent adage: “LIFE IS WORTH LIVING”!!

    1. P..S. In proof-reading the above/ below, I’d forgotten to add to “his talks, his sermons, his instructions and writings”,
      HIS HUMOUR! . . which, for myself anyway, permanently establishes the HOLY Bishop’s sanity, Wisdom, and even


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