Cardinal Pell Warned The Church About A Great Evil Before He Died

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The timing is, odd, to say the least.




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3 thoughts on “Cardinal Pell Warned The Church About A Great Evil Before He Died

  1. Jesus, when asked about the “synodslity” of His Kingdom, spoke plainly o paraphrase “ give all you have away ( remove the material attachments from identity, and follow me ( Spirit ) .. Union with God, not of this world, but of the New Jerusalem to come.

    Pell experientially lived it out, forced upon him as a political prisoner in jail like Paul.
    Pell came to know first hand the great writings of Thomas Kempis , The Imitation of Christ ( to know the difference of the imitations of “ Pride” and seeking the obey pot at “rainbows end” .

    The stumbling block , from the beginning is Christ Himself. He spoke , spread The Word, he did not speak about the metics of aquired membership , as He KNOWS the begging from the end and He KNOWS by His Justice and His Mercy who is in and who is out.

    My take, the “synod” is then folley ( on the part of those whom demand the knowledge of their eternal security before the final judgement. The Church ecclesiastical motivated with conformance to the present age. The Church evangelical hidden in The Sacraments. The evangelical is The Life and Death of Christ , His imitation , and any
    synod can only have one Devine result . True sheep will follow His voice. The wolves in sheep’s clothing growl and consume their prey ( if allowed ) . It remains the anointed of Christs Church responsibility to exorcise the foxes from the house . The remnant is not about the metrics, it’s about The Imitation of Christ.

    My prayer, may Cardinal Pell hear the words, “Well done good and faithful servant “

  2. (11 Jan/ 23, The Spectator) ” .. he [Cardinal Pell] was
    prepared to face THE FURY OF POPE FRANCIS and the
    organizers when it was published .. ”

    (Damian Thompson, The Spec.) ” .. discussions of the
    first stage of ‘listening and discernment’ .. ”

    What about the Church’s “listening and discernment” of
    2000 years, recorded and guarded in her Sacred Deposit
    of Faith !? Who HASN’T been listening, contemplating, and living
    from Scripture, Dogma, Papal Teaching, and the Wisdom
    of the Saints, eh, having SPURNED that Deposit as “RIGID” ??

    The Church HAS BEEN AND IS “radically inclusive”, being
    at all times, ages, and everywhere open to big sinners like
    Mary Magdalene and Saul of Tarsus. Synodalists CAN’T
    forgive sin, having denied both sin and —consequently —
    (ETERNAL) salvation, thus blaphemously treating with contempt
    Christ’s Life, Passion, Death, and Resurrection FOR SINNERS!

    THIEVES they are! .. out to robe souls from the Sacramental
    life of the Church, to mislead and destroy them by the fiction
    of a FALSE christ and a FALSE church because they possess
    NO MEANS of Eternal Salvation whatsoever. Ecclesial Freemasonry
    at its very worst!

    “The first task for everyone, and especially teachers, is to
    listen to the [ UNholy ] Spirit.” Sound familiar? ” .. they will heap
    up unto themselves (false) teachers to suit their itching ears.”

    Thus all the really serious sins —abortion, contraception,
    ordination of women, homosexual activity, polygamy, divorce
    and remarriage —fall by the wayside “because of differences
    of [ merely HUMAN ] opinion. No DEFINITIVE positions on these
    issues can be established or [ even! ] proposed” [ ! ! ! ]

    But they already HAVE BEEN ! Go research all the Church’s
    teachings covering Faith and Morals. Bring a large coffee/ tea
    and some seasonal back-ground music ( Vivaldi? Corelli?)

    Synodality has a theme song, sung long ago by Frank Synatra,
    namely, “I did it MY way”.

    Enlarge the tent ? What’s wrong with centuries-old stone
    Cathedrals .. built from and by the TRUE FAITH? Any ‘ol
    wind can blow away a tent. But maybe all they want is a
    spur-of-the-moment tent, for spur-of-the-moment believers
    . . just so’s these lost sheeples won’t discover the Rock —
    or the Cathedrals —that IS St.Peter and the Catholic

    The clincher? “By an enormous margin, regularly-worshipping
    Catholics everywhere DO NOT endorse the present synod
    findings [ YEE-ha-a-a-w ! ]. Neither is there much enthusiasm
    at SENIOR Church levels. Continued meetings of this sort deepens
    divisions and a knowing few [ nasty types! ] can exploit [ both ]
    the muddle and the good will.”

    “Your F A I T H has made you whole; go and syn no more.”

    1. Post script: on a more positive note, a handful of titles
      verifying the active, never dull, always surprising work
      of Grace in people:
      —Dale Ahlquist, All Roads: Roamin’ Catholic Apologetics
      2015/ TAN/ Kindle
       —Roy Schoeman, Honey From The Rock: Sixteen Jews
      Find The Sweetness of Christ. 2007/ Ignatius Press
      —Derya Little, From Islam To Christ: One Woman’s Path
      Through the Riddles of God. 2017/ Ignatius Press
      —Joseph Pierce, Literary Converts. 1999/ Ignatius Press
       —Dale Ahlquist, My Name Is Lazarus: 34 Converts Whose
      Path to Rome Was Paved by G.K. Chesterton
      2019 . . out of print? . . rare book for $80 !?????
      Check anyway.


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