Cardinal Burke Exposes The Errors Of The Synod

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The cardinal is pushing back against his detractors and the gaslighters telling you that he took Francis out of context.




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7 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke Exposes The Errors Of The Synod

  1. Like the Tridentine Mass of all times that the Vatican seeks to obliterate as if everything before 1962 never existed, Archbishop Vigano’s thoughtful, faithful, direct, and beautiful words of truth deeply nourish my soul. At various levels and needs of the moment, he speaks to us as one should expect from a beloved coach, or from loving Catholic parents, or from the parental pulpit of parish Priests, or the regional pastoral loving care of diocese Bishops, or the guiding leadership of Cardinals, or from the Vicar of Christ and protector of the Deposit of Faith. While such words seem to be in rather short supply and intentionally vague, Vigano’s pastoral words, like Bishop Strickland’s, or the five Bishops with their dubium to the “Synod on Synodality,” are loving, educational, pastoral, firm, direct, sometimes reprimanding, always charitable, consistently steadfastly Catholic, and always faithful and true to the Deposit of Faith and Magisterium of the Church; but their words are also never ambiguous!

    In these times, AB Vigano’s words are in our face, urgently and clearly teaching us what it is to be Catholic, while also clearly reminding us what is not. The Deposit of Faith, received from Jesus by the Apostles, and entrusted by our Lord to Saint Peter and his Successors, is always unambiguous truth that can never be changed or replaced by mere human secular desires, virtue signaling, and doctrines of the times. Meanwhile, ambiguity and vagueness are the intentional weapons of infiltrators that seek to create a new religion, hide the truth, create plausible deniability for leaders, and demand lifetime NDA’s from its Synod attendees.

    Wake up, Catholics, and pay attention!

    David Zembo

    1. Correction…I meant the “five Cardinals” not bishops , that sent the dubium to the Synod

    2. I meant to say, “or the five Cardinals with their dubium,” not Bishops.

      David Zembo

  2. I’m happy to see Cardinal Burke avoiding the useless kowtowing & sticking purely to the descriptive elements, showing that this supposed synod doesn’t correspond to any Catholic conception of an episcopal synod & also to strike Fernandez’s conceit —which is Bergoglio’s —- that theArgentine or any purported pontiff is endowed with some sort of personal pontifical magisterium.

  3. Anthony,

    I provide to you a prophetic video below.
    Julie Greens publishes videos giving Gods Words daily She never mentions Garabandal ( not “Catholic” ? ) . Father Michelle Rodrique may have an opinion about Garabandal if you were to share with him ?

    Interesting , the “prophetic word” below by attachment , by date stamp in background, is recorded 9/22 during the 10 days of Awe; the interval of time between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.
    Bo Polny,, another you tube presenter, gives great insights into the “timing” of God’s plan by the Jewish calendar .

    Now consider:
    Congress speakership now vacant ( third in line of succession after President and Vice President) . The majority of recording October 6 after vacancy on October 4. Palestine attacks Israel today October7.
    California selection of pro abortion Senator and attack on anti-abortion Supreme Court Justice on October 3. Chatter in news that Trump may be asked to sit in Speakers seat temporarily ?

    We are now in days of “timelessness” as events unfold ?

    Fox News to air “To Rescue The Constitution” , Sunday, 10 PM ET

    It is necessary to ask Our Blessed Mothers intercession !!!

    Seems that you might consider Dr.Daniel O’Connors and Mark Mallets presentations on you tube discussing “The Warning”


  4. Most Loved Anthony,

    Burke is correct !!! The battle in high places, in the spiritual as man manages their “reality” politically . Worship is accomplished in Spirit and Truth in acknowledgment of His Real Presence.This battle is eternal , but most intense in our “times” as given by Marian
    seers. ( Garabandal ) . There has been amplification in last 20 years as scandal and heresies have become public. Benedict had to step aside as the “liberals” had something on him. They voted in “their” guy as would protect “them” ( as influenced by the prince of the air ) from Benedict’s attempts to expose the evil and restore Holy Doctrine into the hearts and minds of Christs Body . Francis since has been beholden to those who elected him to protect them . I give Francis the benifit of doubt , he genuinely desires to follow Christ’s Words , but has found himself hostage to “stay the course”. Yet the course becomes ever darker as he in turn becomes compromised by 3 letter agencies .In the last few years we have seen him go to Canada on demands of Trudeau ( Boarding school false news story ) . He has opened himself to take the side of heritics as they push their agenda . He goes after the Latin Mass and traditionalists as influenced by all those who have surrounded him . His escape ? ILLUMINATION . God desires exposure and Truth . The darkness must be swept away to reveal God’s Glory .The conversation of the Synod is all of that , exposure, an ILLUMINATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Garabandal speaks to how everyone will see the state of their soul . In this context , The Soul of The Church . We are in October . The Miracle in the Pines will be the next event, April/May 2024 ( within one year of illumination of consciousness ) . Frances , “willing” or not “willing” will be forced to reveal the Soul of The Church ( ( in its present state ) . Everyone will have to pick sides ( schism) .
    This is actually great news !!! God’s Glory will then fill the earth as we journey farther into these end of times .

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )


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