Shia LaBeouf & ‘Rad Trad’ Catholics Attacked By Secular Servants Of Satan

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It turns out that secularists are more aware of the internal battles over the Latin Mass than most of us were aware of.


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6 thoughts on “Shia LaBeouf & ‘Rad Trad’ Catholics Attacked By Secular Servants Of Satan

  1. Anthony, What happened to you sounds like what the communist party did to Bella Dodd simply for catching them hypocritically changing their narrative to ostracize another prominent party member. The Amish shunning has nothing on these self worshipping, pagan piranhas

    1. And PS I am convinced Hollyweird has a union policy requiring a minimum number of cussing a perversion scenes in every movie. They just can’t let anything be beautiful without throwing a turd on it. Satanic

      1. Yep they definitely are Satanic monkeys throwing excrementon God’s creation. I knew there couldn’t have been a film with a major star made about our dear saint Pio. It’s worse than I suspected…. the filmmakers are using Saint Padre Pio to make an anti Trump political screed. Whether you liked him or not, truly lives rent free in some unstable people’s thick skulls, and they gladly make themselves tools of the highest bidder.

  2. Complex, especially worldly, intrigues, Anthony, have always put me off. No different here. St. Philip Neri puts into words what —I believe —still remains THE trajectory of “the Christ Life”.

    At bottom I’ve always been North European, meat ’n potatoes (with gravy & veggies) labourer. That’s right, never separated from SWEAT of PHYSICAL work, a hammer and nailer guy. My mother, in her “senior” years, viewing a news episode one evening, got so incensed at the last “item” (some criminal’s deed), that I heard her blurt out, AT the TV: “I hope my anger LASTS long enough so’s I can give him a real ‘ear full’!” . . that kind of honest re-action.

    But, now a long-time retiree, with knees no longer “spring-loaded”, and my acquired Ignatian formation and love for Ste Thérèse & many others, leave me holding forth on “the Science of the Saints” against today’s twists and turns which render the former “to strive, to strive, to strive, to strive” (St. Teresa of Avila) unrecognizable by the current Pontificate. So. back to basics:

    “He who wishes for anything but Christ, does not know what he wishes; he who asks for anything but Christ, does not know what he is asking; he who works, and not for Christ, does not know what he is doing.” –St. Philip Neri

    Mr. Labeouf’s conversion to “the Faith of our Father’s” —through the Mass of the Ages —highlights the Saviour’s “penchant” for B I G sinners . . Magdalene, Paul, Augustine, Francis, the conversion of the latest Mafiosi on his death-bed. Not that a Merciful Christ spurns the rest of us, with our favourite piccadillos.

    August 25 is also my date of birth, also the feast of King St.Louis IX, patron of France. With his holy wife, raised eleven children; died during his second Crusade, in Carthage. The ideal Just King, faithful husband, devoted father, “Catechist” to his children. Generous to the poor. Tough on the
    “bad guys”.

  3. Carrying the Cross of Christ: Is this any different today than it was in Christ’s own time? Was he or his apostles treated any differently then as they are today? Were his disciples persecuted relentlessly any differently then as they are and will be today? Remember, the AC is near and his followers are many. What lies in store for those who follow his Cross will become extremely severe. Scripture reveals this fact and warns us of this coming tribulation. Prepare now and call on the Precious Blood of Christ to protect us. Say the Rosary daily and do penance.


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