New Pachamama Events Defile Catholic Cathedral

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Literally bringing voodoo into a parish. Is there no low they won’t stoop to?




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One thought on “New Pachamama Events Defile Catholic Cathedral

  1. So, virtual “reality”, Anthony, has become Reality. The “virtualist” can make of millennial Truths what he or she wants, even replacing statues and ikons of the Saints with Voodoo dolls.

    Billions of UNCRITICAL (in the print-era meaning of the term) viewers watch the “rivers” of images stream past them on their computer screens, delighted, like toddlers, by the colours, sounds, words, and endless movement. Not a moment left for fully-HUMAN (heart, soul, personal convictions) engagement with this virtual world . . except with the “top three inches of the head”. Virtual-reality is reality. True reality is now virtual-reality.

    For example, in the early ’70s (which is “ancient history” for the last three generations), during the “hippie” era, an uncatechized flippant young “lady” referred to the Consecrated Hosts as “Jesus chips”. A sense of the Sacred —and an expected corresponding reverence for — TOTALLY absent. The internet had yet to be fully developed and perfected. Yet here we an unbaptized imagination, yet to encounter Christ, making what SHE liked of the (objectively) Sacred . . which still does not render the Eucharistic Jesus into a “virtual reality”.

    One can easily extrapolate from this young lady’s wild imagination to the “Digital Continent” (Pope Benedict XVI) where any viewer —even Baptized/ Christian/ Catholic — can make of the rest of the Sacred Deposit of Faith whatever their “virtually” brainwashed imaginations can concoct.

    Francis is having a field day with this. His rejection of the title of “Vicar (of Christ)” and his dispatching the whole Sacred Deposit of Faith to “rigid” deep-freeze come immediately to mind. Scripture, Dogma, Papal teaching, and Wisdom of the Saints play second fiddle to his “sidewalk

    However, we have a double-edged sword hidden here. Who is to say that Francis’ own words and actions can’t be treated, by followers and resisters alike, as virtual, not real, re-made “in the image” of a viewer’s whim and imagination? A majority SEEM to be his followers now, but is that because of his position POWER, which he has co-opted— in “classical” Marxist fashion —from the Church’s true &
    millennial Lagacy?

    Hence, Anthony, the critical importance of “calling out” Francis’ (and so many others’) departures from the Truth, from REALITY (no pre- or post- requisites necessary), from the Church’s SACRED Deposit of the Faith.

    All the same—once again—for long-time (three generations?) inhabitants of the Digital Continent, even the (truly) SACRED has become “virtual”, not real . . yet-to-be-discovered, in the minds and hearts of the un-knowing, the “90-mile-an-hour” imaginations, of the unbaptized.

    Another Rosary, please ! !


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