Vigano Slams The Complicit Catholic Press For The Ruin Of The Church

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Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has no patience for the establishment friendly Catholic press, who have helped Francis and the Modernists who came before him wreak havoc on the Church.




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One thought on “Vigano Slams The Complicit Catholic Press For The Ruin Of The Church

  1. So thoroughly laid out! Thank you, Anthony.
    “ . . sin and faithlessness . . run rampant in the Church today”, but that’s the Sacraments: Confession to deal with sin, the Mass and the Holy Eucharist to deal with faithlessness. Christ, sacramentally present in both [ as well as in the other five ] and through His Minister, cannot NOT restore a sinful, faithless Laity.

    The Church’s Sacramental Faith is tactile: Christ and His Church operate through each of our senses. . . . CONCRETE testimonials of the Christ-life, life-conferring and confirming, for both the penitent and the Ordained Minister, the Priest.

    To NEGLECT the Sacramental Life, therefore, is —for the Baptized Catholic — to court the death of the Soul, for which mere “fellowship” might as well be the veil covering the Soul’s coffin.

    Sir Thomas More said it so well in A Man For All Seasons:

    @ 58:00 ff (to the Duke of Norfolk) “ . . this isn’t reformation; this is war against the Church . . (Norfolk) Ye lay traps for me! . . (More) No, I show you the times.” @59:15 f (More) “. . because what matters is that I believe, or rather, that I [ with emphasis ] believe it . .. “ @118:00 (More to Cromwell) “ HEAHH !!! . . TERROR IS FOR CHILDREN, Master Secretary . . NOT FOR ME !! “ @131:00 ff (Norfolk . . in council) “ . . but, dammit Thomas, look at these names. Why can’t you do as I did AND COME WITH US FOR FELLOWSHIP ?” (More to Norfolk, Cromwell, and the Archbishop) “ . . and when we die and you’re sent to Heaven for doing your conscience, and I am sent to Hell for not doing mine, will you come with me? . . FOR FELLOWSHIP ? . . you (Master Cromwell) threaten like a dockside bully (not like) a minister of State (i.e. Justly).”

    So, yes Anthony, in our “age of lies and deceit . . ” who does one trust ? Thomas More and Bishop Fisher and those Laity who refused to cave, still leave us with the LIVING MEMORY of one’s Conscience as ultimate guide and Rock, which, WHEN FORMED TO TRUTH, is capable of standing alone [ . . well, along with all the Angels and Blessed in Heaven! ] no matter what the chaos and storms here below, even Satanic driven.

    St. Thomas More & St. John Fisher & all you English Martyrs,
    Pray for us !!


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